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Brook Super Converter (Various Configurations)

Brook PS4 / PS3 to PS2 Converter is on PRE-ORDER. We will be receiving our next batch on August 1, 2017

For compatibility of your fight stick, control pad or driving wheel, go to www.brookaccessory.com and go to the appropriate converter of your choice and CLICK on MORE.  Scroll down to the bottom to check to see if your product is compatible with the converter to prevent returns / exchanges and headaches for yourself. 

UPDATE September 12, 2016: Brook just released a firmware update to patch and fix the time out for V4.00

Go HERE to download the appropriate file to update your UFB or Super Converter.


Brook converters are here.   These can be used with control pads, arcade fight sticks and steering wheels.  These do not have the 8 minute time out feature (firmware updates may be required as the PS4 is updated over time) on PS4 and do not need an original control pad or PS4 device to authenticate. 

This device can be updated via firmware thru Brook's website when required.

Brook released a firmware update to fix the 8-minute timeout due to Sony's latest update on their system.   Go to this link to perform the update (make sure to download the correct file for the converter you are using).  For the time being, these converters also work flawlessly with Aki-shop's PS360+ board.

We have also expanded our line up of Brook Super Converters to accommodate other system conversions you may need.

Choose your converter

  • PS4/PS3 to PS2 [NEW / Pre-Order Ships End of June 2017]
  • PS2 to PS3/PS4 (in stock)
  • PS2 to Xbox One (in stock)
  • PS3 to PS4 [WHITE]  (in stock)
  • PS3 to Xbox 360 (in stock) [Great for Marvel v Capcom 2 Players] (in stock)
  • PS3 to Xbox One [BLUE] (in stock)
  • PS3 | PS4 to Xbox One [RED] (in stock)
  • PS3 | PS4 to PS3 | PS4 [YELLOW]  (in stock)
  • Xbox 360 to PS4 [LIME] (in stock)
  • Xbox 360 | Xbox One to Xbox One [BLACK] (in stock)
  • Xbox 360 | Xbox One to PS4 [GREEN] (in stock)
  • Xbox One to PS4 [PINK]  (in stock)
  • WII U Game Cube Adapter (in stock)

You can download the file here (just make sure to choose the correct download file for your product): 





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