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Our History

Before the big surge in fighting game tournament scene, we were heavily involved with the community in fighting game events that brought hard core gamers together, many of which were location tests for SNK Playmore USA, the main gaming sponsor for Oni-Con for 8 years straight (in Houston, TX), as well as contributing to St Judes Children's Hospital and Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Today, we continue to support as many events and charities as much as we can.


Today as Arcadeshock

We are based in Los Angeles, California in the United States.  What we specialize in is PRO•GEAR for both the arcade and console sector.  What this means is that we offer items that are of high quality components that perform in real world applications.  Our sponsored players use what we sell and are items that are stock pieces, direct from the manufacturers we deal with.  We believe in the items we carry to be the highest quality, as they have been put to the test by thousands of buyers and most importantly, by our top sponsored player, AS|Reynald who has won weekly, nationwide and the most coveted tournament of them all, EVO 2013 [KOF XIII].

As well as the durable and reliable products we offer, we also carry items that add bling and actually look good to give you the best blend of aesthetics and performance.

We ship to both Domestic and International Addresses (Worldwide).  Because we are privately owned, our dedication, service and competitive pricing dictates our pursuit to providing a balance of unique hardware, software and accessories.  Established in 2003, we have held close relationships with both Capcom and SNK for the past 2 decades and was focused primarily on the home arcade market but we have then expanded to the Pro Home console market with products from Cave, Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd, Seimitsu Co JP., Hori USA, QanBa Professional Joysticks, SNK Playmore and Capcom. 

Our specialty are in exclusive our products.  How we get to this point is simple.  It may sound a bit insane to some, but we literally brainstorm ideas for new products minute after minute each day that would excite, look amazing and at the same time, perform at the highest level.  This is what fuels our desire to help inspire and even create new products for the FGC. 


Our Products

Many of the items we carry are brand new, never used items, which are rarely found anywhere else, especially at these prices. We are Authorized Dealers for:

  • Akishop Customs (Dual Mod PCB Specialty)
  • Capcom Coin-Op Products
  • Cave JP (Arcade Shooters)
  • Happ Controls (Joystick Parts/Buttons)
  • Hori USA (Joysticks and Accessories)
  • MAS Systems (Retro-Arcade Style Sticks - Video Capture Boards)
  • Neutrik (Professional Connectors / Parts Manufacturer)
  • Qanba Professional Fight Sticks and Accessories
  • Sanwa Denshi Co. Ltd (Japanese Arcade Parts)
  • Seimitsu (Japanese Arcade Parts)
  • SNK NEO•GEO (Arcade Systems - Games - Accessories)
  • SNK Playmore (Arcade Division - Console Games)

The quality of our products and level of service for what we carry are second to none.  Whether you buy an item from us that is a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, we take the same meticulous care of your order, packed extremely well. 

Our standards are strict for a simple reason.  While we are hardcore gamers, more importantly for quality purposes, we are also hardcore collectors and because of this, we are quite picky about condition of our  products.   With our item descriptions following the same rigorous guidelines, there is no second guessing of exactly what you're getting.

Our prices, we believe are extremely competitive, given the condition, rarity and service that is provided. Please email us at arcadeshock (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions about us or any other related item.  Most emails are replied within 24-36 hours.


Tournament/Event/Channel Sponsorships


Pro Player Sponsorship isn't just about selling gear.  We have been fans of the fighting game genre since Karateka which before Street Fighter II was considered THE "Street Fighter II."  From that point, going through all the fighting games you can think of, we've been there and played many fighters with a competitive spirit.  With that being said, we have a huge drive for high level of competition and focus to test our gear and show our support for our passion to win by sponsoring AS|Reynald.  Winning is very important to us as it drives us to search and make products that perform at the highest level. 

So when you email us, feel free to ask us about which product may work best for you as we've pretty much play tested (heavily) everything we've carried.  We've even thrown a few joysticks across the room to test it's durability (we're serious). 

AS|Reynald (Sponsored Pro Gamer) Currently using -  QANBA Q4 WHITE CLOUD SA

Staff | Position | Gear

TRIEU - This is the dude running the show, from product development, purchasing, marketing the name brand and team.  He has been involved knee deep with the SNK Group (SNK USA, SNK NEOGEO USA, SNK Playmore USA, SNK Playmore) since 1991, Capcom USA since 2002, Sanwa Denshi, Hori, Seimitsu.   - Currently using Hori Fighting Edge White (Xbox 360), HRAP4 PS4/PS3 VLX Premium Kuro, QanBa Q2 Black | White Dual Mod

AS|Hellpockets - Has been part of the AS Team since 2012.  Also runs the online radio show, SDR (Radio Show) which airs  every Monday and is a tad famous commentator for various FGC titles, most notably King of Fighters XIII and Guilty Gear Xrd - Currently using QANBA Q4-RAF Blackout Edition

AS|Tasty Steve - Has been part of the AS Team since 2013.  Tasty Steve is an incredible personality and promoter/supporter of the FGC and simply is passionate about the community.   He has played host to a few EVOLUTION Events as well as commentated numerous titles at major FGC events - Currently using QANBA Q4-RAF ICE BLUE - Modified with Sanwa Denshi Silent Stick and Silent Pushbuttons

AS|Alfonso - East Coast Representative - The 'Fonz' owns a lot of fight sticks, including Hori's VLX Premium (original red one), the QanBa Q4 Reynald stick and will soon rock Hori's RAP4 Kai.

AS|Vic Sage - Assistant to TRIEU and will handle many inquiries for the West Coast FGC - Vic uses a variety of fight sticks, but mains the dual mod QanBa Q4 stick.

From all of us here at Arcadeshock, we truly thank you for your support. We will continue to give back to the community all year round, because we're all in this together to help this scene grow. 

Game on!!

Vinh Trieu
CEO, Arcadeshock | COO,