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Our Story

Our journey started in 2003 offering arcade boards from both Capcom and SNK's arcade division. Ironically, both companies decided to exit that market around the same time, which we purchased their remaining inventory.   Most of their titles released during that time and prior were fighting games, which is not surprisingly, our favorite genre.  This helped catapult our business into what is today

We further have had a deep passion for innovation, mainly in the electronics industry, attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for almost 20 straight years.  With the knowledge and experienced we've gained, we've taken applied these to what we do today in our own products.  Buying and reselling to us, is easy, but creating and innovating new products to bring to the market is our driving force and specialty

All this, at the top of our list also includes bringing new, but to ensure a high level of quality in each and every one of the products we offer

Vinh Trieu