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Brook PS4/PS3 to PSOne/PS2 Super Converter [RETRO SERIES]

Back in 2016 we sat down with Brook to discuss future products that we believe would benefit the retro gaming market. 

Being heavy gamers as well as owners of retro gaming consoles, we've always felt there were in adequate supply and quality arcade sticks for most of these systems. 

Brook's PS4/PS3 to PSOne and PS2 Super Converter is the second of three super converters they have released.  The first being the PS3/4 to NEO•GEO Super Converter that we fully funded and planned from the ground up.  The most recent retro Super Converter released was for the Dreamcast, which you can purchase now as well by clicking the link shown below.

Originally, this converter was set out to use with the PS2, but since the PSOne used the same style port and terminal, a firmware update allowed it to be used across two of the largest retro platforms. 

There is a plethora of PSOne and PS2 retro games that you can now revisit using the updated and current PS3 and PS4 controllers and arcade sticks. 


  • Works on PC (X-Input) with PS4 / PS3 controllers and pads for all 8 play buttons
  • Button Mapping to help you customize each button to your liking
  • Turbo for each pushbutton
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Capability with Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller or compatible controller
  • Instant response, Lag-free
  • Firmware Updates Possible via micro USB port
  • Compatible with most arcade sticks and controllers. Please visit to see the list of compatible devices

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$ 44.95