International buyers, it's time to get more reliable service at a reasonable cost.  Anytime you choose USPS Priority International (not even Express), we will upgrade you to FEDEX International (either Economy or Priority - depends on your country) at NO additional charge.

For many years, we have shipped USPS and for the most part, have had good success with customers receiving their packages, but the issue always has been lack of consistency in terms of when to expect the package to actually getting it. 

There were some issues as well with FEDEX for International shipments for us in the past year, but we worked out all the details and numerous test shipments to our manufacturers and customers the past few months, which has been impressive in terms of the short time it took to deliver and the ease of the delivery (little to no headache with customs). 

While USPS still remains the best cost effective options for light packages, for those who want FEDEX speed, but at USPS prices, we got your back.   FEDEX, as some of you may know, was about 3 - 4 times the cost of USPS.  Today, it is no longer, but the best part, the reliable and fast service you expect from FEDEX has not changed.

We will upgrade you automatically to FEDEX as long as your country uses the service, which is almost every country sans 3 - 4 countries in the world. 

So for our international buyers out there, happy shopping and we hope this will ease your wallet a bit and get you some of the goodies we offer.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

AS Team

Shipping Upgrade Program (from USPS Priority to FEDEX 2 Day) June 21, 2019 02:13

Effective June 21, 2019 we will be offering a shipping upgrade service for a variety of products carried in our store (we will list them below and increase the products offered over time).  Simply choose USPS Priority Mail and if the products qualify (as well as the shipping address), we will upgrade it to FEDEX 2 Day Express

Who does this benefit? 

For those who want their modding parts faster without worrying about added shipping costs will love this program and there's no annual subscription or additional fees required.  It's on us 100%.  No strings attached.  Just an added service benefit for those who want their stuff fast.

LA to New York (2 Business Days), LA to Florida (2 Business Days), LA to Hawaii (2 Business Days)

Furthermore, this is beneficial to everyone who wants a concrete tracking service as FEDEX is rock solid with their tracking updates as well as a faster delivery time compared to USPS Priority (exclusions listed below depending on the distance from us). 

While USPS Priority has improved, the tracking updates are not always consistent.   For those who live in the Midwest / East Coast, you will benefit from this upgrade tremendously as you're pretty much guaranteed to receive your package within 2 business days (please note this depends on the time of day you order and whether it's a customize order) after it ships

Compared this to USPS, which can take between 3 - 5 business days.  We ship from Los Angeles, so those who are furthest from us, you can now receive your items with more certainty

For those who are past Nevada, this will be about the same amount of time as USPS Priority Mail, but again, the reliability and tracking updates is better with FEDEX

For those West of Nevada, Priority Mail should be faster if all goes well.  In these cases, we will leave it as Priority if you choose this method unless you email us and request FEDEX 2 Day Express.  Note also FEDEX does not deliver to PO Boxes

Products that qualify (Limits Shown - Cannot be Combined)

  • All Brook Products - Universal Fighting Board, Fighting Board for PS4, Super Converters, XOne Adapter (Limit 2 units)
  • Modding Made Easy Kits (Limit 2 Kits)
  • All Crown / Hori / Sanwa Denshi / Seimitsu Pushbuttons (Limit 50 units)
  • All Crown / Sanwa Denshi / Seimitsu Levers (Limit 2 units)
  • Phreakmods The Link (Limit 30 units)
  • All SPLITFRAME Tees / Hats (Limit 2 pcs)

This offer is only valid for addresses in the USA.  Alaska and Hawaii are included (Puerto Rico is not unfortunately)

Please note it takes us time to pack your order, which is up to 24 hours and depending on the time of the day you order, it may ship same day or the next day, so please factor this in

We will still offer FREE SHIPPING to addresses in the USA for orders over $55, so this is not going away.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Happy shopping and thank you in advance for your support




So Cal Regionals 2018 (SCR 2018) Online Orders September 12, 2018 10:00

Our crew will be at SCR 2018, so we'll out until then.  From September 12 to 17th use code: SCR2018 to Save 15% Storewide on FGC Parts, Accessories and SPLITFRAME Gear if you're placing an order.  We apologize the inconvenience and will resume shipping upon our return. 

No ONLINE Shipping from July 31 to August 6 - USE CODE: EVO2018 to SAVE July 31, 2018 09:21

Our Crew is heading to EVO 2018 so we'll be closed until August 7th, 2018

For the inconvenience, effective immediately


To Save 18% on FGC Parts, Accessories, Apparel, Fight Stick Bags

*Exclusions - Brook, Custom Made or Pre-Order products, Arcade Sticks (these will automatically be discounted online)

No Online Shipping from March 28 to April 2, 2018 March 28, 2018 00:26


Our whole crew will be at Nor Cal Regionals these next few days so there will be no online shipments sent out during this time.  For the inconvenience, we're offering a 15% Savings Storewide on most FGC Parts (some exclusions apply due to vendor agreements.  Brook, Pre-Orders, Customized Arcade Sticks are excluded) if you order and can wait for your order to ship when we get back.
USE CODE:  NCR2018 to Save 15% 
Our apologies for the inconvenience, but we'll be back in no time.


No ONLINE Shipping from April 13 -17th, 2017 April 11, 2017 10:52

Our whole crew will be at Nor Cal Regionals this weekend, therefore, for orders between April 13 - 17, there will be no shipping, so please make a note of this before ordering.  The good news is if you can wait, use the promo code:  NCR2017 to save on most items in the store.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone and see you when we get back...or hope to see you at the show. 

FREE SHIPPING and 15% Savings Storewide (All Month Long) December 4, 2016 10:04

The last few days has been incredible for the FGC in terms of announcements for 2017.  A new versus Marvel series, for short MVCI (Marvel vs Capcom Infinite), Season 2 new characters for SFV (along with game play updates, which is huge for the weaker characters) and a huge graphical update for King of Fighters XIV. 

All of this, combined with the tail end of the holiday season, we are glad to offer a promotion that will help lighten your wallet and help make that gift buying a bit easier. 

FGC Parts and Accessories (To ALL USA Addresses) FREE Shipping if over $50

Simply purchase any FGC part or accessories over $50 (everything excluding fight sticks and control pads) and receive FREE SHIPPING. Additionally, most products are entitled to 15% additional savings by using CODE: MVC2017.  Due to the high cost of shipping, this offer is for USA addresses ONLY (but includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).  However, the 15% savings is extended to users worldwide.

Fight Stick (One Low Flat Rate Across the Continental US) $14.95

The cost of sending a heavy fight stick can get up there and to ease your over total, we have implemented a super low flat rate of $14.95 (each) OR less nationwide.  This offer is available to Continental USA addresses only, which excludes Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  To take advantage of this offer, choose the fight stick of your choice, add to cart (either 1 or 2 pieces without adding any other item to it) and check out.  That's it.  You'll see a shipping option that will show up as $14.95.  If you're on the East Coast, this savings is huge as it's cut in half for most fight sticks.

Coupon Code Savings 15% Off

While offering Free Shipping isn't an easy task, we understand that you will have a lot of expenses this month, so additionally, we're offering 15% on most parts and this offer is extended to all customers. Type in CODE: MVC2017 in the "Discount" box after you click on CHECKOUT to save. 

Our Team

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for supporting and pushing us to perform at the highest level in the past year.  We never consider our work, work.  Our staff from top to bottom consists of hard core and passionate gamers, so we offer to you the very same products that we would use ourselves on a daily basis.  With this mentality, we offer quality products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but perform to high quality standards.  

Thank you, thank you to everyone who breathes and shares the same passion. There is always room for improvement, so please give us your feedback on things we can do to make the scene better.

Shipping Times Post SCR2016 October 17, 2016 14:35

There will be a shipping delay for ONLINE orders as our whole crew was at SCR 2016 this past weekend and we're catching up with the weekend orders along with the ones we received today. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience.  We'll be working on them around the clock (literally) to ensure your orders are shipped out in a timely manner.

Please send us a message on the CONTACT page or DM us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any concerns or questions.

Thank you from the Arcadeshock Staff

Sanwa Denshi Metallic Parts Shipping October 11, 2016 September 30, 2016 23:34


One of the hottest items to hit the FGC parts market are the metallic parts from Sanwa Denshi.  These will come in the form of pushbuttons and balltops.

The wooden parts, which were exclusively released at EVO 2016 by Sanwa Denshi is now available in our store here.

We will open up orders on October 11 at 12:00 a.m. EST and ship the same day if you order before 2pm PST. 

Set your alarms as these are expected to sell out from all dealers in record time. 


Up and Running Again... September 22, 2016 07:02

We appreciate everyone who took advantage of the savings during our absence for the past 2 weeks.  The response was incredible, so we're working around the clock the next few days to fulfill everyone's order. 

We're also aware that some of you who ordered did not see our message of the NO SHIPPING period and will take the necessary means to improve on this. 

For those who have not ordered from us before and just recently did, please know that our normal shipping schedule is resuming as of tomorrow and our normal turn around time is between 24-48 hours.

Huge thanks to everyone again for your patience and understanding.  

From all of us here at Arcadeshock

ARCADESHOCK Time Off - But Save Big if your Order September 10, 2016 12:32


Our crew is going to be out for a few weeks for much needed rest and to meet with some of our partners at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 to prepare our product line to continually evolve into newer and better things.

We won't be shipping any orders during this time, but if you can wait and do want to place an order, Use Code: TGS2016 to SAVE 15% Storewide

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Huge Restock of the Hottest Parts July 29, 2016 13:34

Just restocked on some of the hottest parts on the market, so don't miss out. These go faster than we can get them in:

EVO 2016 Sponsorship - Savings and Shipping Schedule July 8, 2016 10:54

We're once again proud sponsors of The Evolution Championship Series 2016. 

During this time period, our whole staff will be attending so from July 12 - 18, 2016 there will be no shipping of online orders.  For those who can wait, we will offer a storewide discount on the hottest accessories and fight sticks.

EVO 2016 Sale: Starts today thru July 18th, 2016

For ACCESSORIES use code:  EVO20 (Save a 20% off)

For FIGHT STICKS use code: EVO15 (Save 15% off)

Please note that there are some items, such as the Brook Super Converters and some Hori modded fight sticks that are excluded from this promotion.  The Brook Universal Fighting Board is already discounted without needing to enter in a coupon code.

From today until July 18th, you can pick up the Brook UFB for $79.98.  The normal price is $89.98.


Save between 10-15% Storewide this Memorial Weekend May 27, 2016 00:34

Save storewide this Memorial Day weekend from 10% off some of our fight sticks, including the Hori VLX Kuro and Hayabusa Premiums and 15% off Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, Phreak Mods parts.
Don't forget to use the coupon codes to save big:  MEM10 (for fight sticks), MEM15 for all other parts, including other gear. 

RYU FS Traveler Bags May 16, 2016 15:38

Just an update for those who pre-ordered the RYU FS Traveler.  We will be receiving the shipment some time next week.  All pre-orders will ship then.

Since we sold out of these bags and have a large quantity to ship out, we will be pre-printing the shipping labels before FEDEX or USPS picks these up, so there will be a few days delay with no tracking updates.  This is common for large pre-order quantities, so please don't panic. 

These were slated to ship out early June, but we're over 10 days early, so it's well ahead of schedule. 

Lastly, thank you to everyone for the incredible response and because of your support, our partners at SPLITFRAME LLC will continue to create better products. 

Hori HRAP4 Kai and Pokken Pads back this week May 9, 2016 00:31

After a long absence of Hori's HRAP4 Kai (Version 2), we're finally get a healthy batch back in along with Hori's Pokken Pad.  Both have been selling out in short periods of time and with the biggest fighting game tournaments right around the corner, there's no better time to pick these up.  We should be receiving these no later than this Tuesday or Wednesday and shipping pre-orders first.  

Please be patient if you do not get a tracking immediately as there are many orders to fulfill.  Worse case, your order will ship within 48 hours at the latest. 

East meets West: Golden Week Swag Giveaway May 3, 2016 04:05

Golden Week is week long holiday in Japan where it's citizens take time off to rest or travel.  How are we going to celebrate it here at Arcadeshock? 

Well, if you've ordered from us before, we will often throw in free swag from time to time depending on what we have on hand. 

Starting today, from May 3rd to the 8th we will be giving away Street Fighter swag from Playset with qualifying purchases.  You basically will get freebies just for buying.  These items are made in Japan and are not sold here. Moreso, we can give them away, but cannot sell them.  So as our thank you for your support, we will happily throw in freebies with your order. 

Happy shopping from all of us here at!!

Future Store News / Updates May 3, 2016 03:50

While we realize the growing popularity of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media channels, some of our customers and potential customers prefer the good old fashion updates via email or just reading from the store news blog, here. 

For all future major store and product updates, we will simultaneously release them in all our social media channels as well as here in our blog. 

We value each and every one of our customers and supporters and are working hard on the back end to not only bringing new products, but also effectively create a more user friendly and enjoyable shopping experience. 

Thank you again for your support from all of us here at Arcadeshock. 

Twitter and Store Fight Stick Drawing January 4, 2016 02:05

We will tally up the names and run a drawing to find out who will win Hori's new Hayabusa Controller featuring their new Falcon matte pushbuttons.   Because there were an incredible amount of entries, it will take us a day to run this contest, but a winner will be announced no later than January 6th. 

We would like to thank everyone for Retweeting and referring your colleagues, family and friends to us during our sale event.  The turn out was nothing less than stellar, which only means that we'll definitely hold more future sales in a similar fashion as everyone can benefit from this. 

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, LIKE US on Facebook to receive the latest updates on what we're up to.  There's going to be a lot happening right off the bat in 2016, so don't say we didn't warn you. 

From the whole Arcadeshock Crew, thank you. 

End the Year and Begin the New Year with a 20% off K.O. Sale December 30, 2015 00:35


2015 has simply been a phenomenal year for us here at Arcadeshock.  We simply cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your tremendous support.   What drives us each and every day is the passion and smiles that we see on your faces when you are satisfied with the products we offer.  

While we have shown an immense growth in the past few years, there is still so much more work to be done.  It's frightening that as good as 2015 was, 2016 is going to best it easily.   That's all you have to know for now and when the time comes, will be able to experience yourself these incredible products that will make an impact for the FGC as a whole. 

With this being said, we would like to say "THANK YOU" and offer an unprecedented sale on many of our products.  We've held one, two and three day sales previously throughout 2015.  To end this year and begin 2016, we're offering 20% off (for 5 FULL days, starting now and ending on January 3rd, 11:59 PM PST) on many of our more popular products from Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, Hori, QanBa, Akishop Customs on top of our already industry low prices.   Don't forget to enter in "KO20" to take advantage of the 20% off discount. 

Arcadeshock's First Cyber Monday Sale November 24, 2015 23:31

We've had an incredible year and to show our thanks to our customers, we would like to extend incredible discounts this upcoming Monday after Thanksgiving, which is also known as Cyber Monday, November 30, 2015 and it will last all day.

So make sure not to spend all your money on clothes that may not fit you again next year as you may need some gear from us that will take you to that championship check in your next big tourney. Who knows?   We're kidding, of course, but don't sleep on our sale as it will be the best sale we've held thus far. 

Here is a sample of what will be offered:

  • Hori HRAP 4 Kai (PS4/PS3) - Limited Quantities
  • Sanwa Denshi Silent Stick (2nd Generation)
  • Sanwa Denshi Wooden Ball tops / Bat tops (EVO Limited Edition)
  • QanBa Fight Sticks (pretty much their whole lineup)
  • QanBa Fight Stick Bags
  • Hori Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fight Stick (Xbox 360 / PC)

We will list more items before the sale starts.  

Mark your calendars. 

No Shipping from 10/8 to 10/12 (Enter in Coupon Code: SCR2015 to Save) October 8, 2015 07:06

Greetings our fellow shoppers.  We will be attending our annual FGC major, So Cal Regionals from October 8-11 and will not be shipping any products during this time as our staff will be attending this event in full force. 

For those who cannot make this event you can still order during this time and save 15% on a large number of items in the store, including many of the exclusive character pushbuttons from Sanwa Denshi x Street Fighter, Sanwa Denshi x GG Xrd and so forth.   Lots of goodies to be had.

We will resume our normal business operations on the 12th of October.  So for now, use the COUPON CODE:  SCR2015 to save some $$.  Hope to see you at the show, if not, watch the stream on several channels, but check out for more information. 

No shipping between Sept 13 thru 23rd - Save 15% if you can wait September 11, 2015 22:49

We're taking a little break as we've gone non-stop for literally over 10 years. Our store will be open to take orders, but will not ship them out until September 24th, 2015. This will be effective September 13th to the 23rd.

So what's in it for you if you can wait? Take 15% off most products during this period for fight sticks or accessories.

Use coupon code: VACAY to apply for the savings

This coupon code works for even the licensed character pushbuttons from Street Fighter, Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear. This is the first time ANY coupon code works for this, so if you've been waiting, now is the time to save.

Coupon code does not apply for the following Hori Products:

- Hori VLX Premium Kuro
- Hori RAP 4 Kai
- Hori RAP V for Xbox Dual Mod
- Hori RAP V Kai Silent PS4/PS3
- Hori Fighting Commander 4 Pad
- Hori Hayabusa Joystick
- Hori Kuro Pushbuttons

It will work for hundreds of other products, including limited edition joysticks from Seimitsu, Limited Edition Wooden Balltops from Sanwa Denshi, PS360+

When we come back, we'll have some new announcements and goodies for you. LOTS of good stuff coming.

EVO Championship Series TWENTY | FIFTEEN 3-Day Sale July 16, 2015 00:31

Once again, we are proud sponsors of the EVOLUTION Championship Series held in Las Vegas.  Not only will we be present with our amazing staff at EVO offering Limited Edition products, but we wanted to extend this to our online buyers who cannot make it out to this special event. 

For "2015" we are offering 2 types of discounts. 

20% off ALL accessories (Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, Akishop's PS360+, etc - Does not apply to Limited Edition or Exclusive Products).  

15% off ALL fight sticks (Hori, QanBa, etc - Excludes Limited Edition or Exclusive Products). 

Use coupon code: EVO20 for 20% off accessories and EVO15 for 15% off fight sticks.  Our prices on the majority of items already set the standard for the lowest prices on the net and with these additional discounts you will save even bigger.

Sale starts July 17th at midnight and goes until July 19th right before midnight.  Do NOT miss out as many items will sell out.