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We believe in order for us to do our part and help the FGC grow, the bond and partnerships with our vendors must be strong.   Our relationship with each of our partners isn't just about purchasing their inventory and reselling them, but also working alongside our partners to help create new quality products that are both evolutionary as well as revolutionary.  We are constantly working on new ideas and projects with our partners to bring some of the hypest products on the market. 


Brook LLC

Brook has been an amazing partner from the beginning of our relationship. We were one of three parties that helped test, launch, name, market and fund the most popular after market system PCB for the FGC, the Brook Universal Fighting Board. Together, we also developed the much needed PS3/4 to NEO•GEO converter (which we are the exclusive seller and funded this 100%) to provide an unlimited quantity of arcade sticks for this system, which saw prices sky rocket due to shortages (and lack of quality selections). Other projects that we consulted and suggested Brook were the PS3/4 to PS2/One Super Converter, which is now available worldwide to all vendors. Overall, Brook's commitment to all their vendors and customers is unrivaled in this industry in terms of customer support and experience.


Official Licensee for Controller Parts, Accessories, Control Panel Art, Fight Stick Bags, Posters - Street Fighter x Sanwa Denshi Pushbuttons, Balltops, Dust Covers.  The cool and dope stuff

HORI USA We've been Authorized Dealer for Hori products since 2005.  We were the first dealer to officially import/release HRAP sticks from Japan. Imported and released several exclusive Hori sticks, including HRAP Premium Diamond VLX, HRAP VX SE, HRAP SA, HRAP SE, HRAP V3 SA and HRAP UMVC3 JP (Xbox 360). Most recently, collaborated with Hori with the Premium VLX Kuro project

We are the official North American and Japanese Distributor for Otto DIY.  Otto DIY specializes in upgrades to the Sanwa Denshi and Hori Hayabusa joysticks by using various materials that provide better stability, more defined and smoother motions. 


Is the creator of The Link, which is a detachable shaft for Hori, Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu Levers. For years, we slept on this product, not seeing it's full potential. Once we received some samples, we realized this product isn't one that should be promoted exclusively online as a live demo and on-site presentation is needed to show off it's true functionality and appeal. We first rolled these out at EVO 2016 in various colors and from that day on, the Link has been a megahit for us. In 2017, Phreakmods agreed to help us manufacture officially licensed engraved EVO Logo Links which about 170 pieces were produced and sold out within a day, with over 280 Links sold over the weekend. The level of support and fulfillment from Phreakmods has been top notch from day one and we value their partnership and dedication to the FGC.

QANBA USA LLC We've been partners with Qanba dating back to 2012, offering their Q2, Q3 and Q4 series arcade sticks and was the first dealer to offer customized versions.  Today, we continue to hold a strong relationship  with them offering their current line-up of arcade sticks with the Crystal, Obsidian and Dragon as well as their fight stick bags, the Guardian and Aegis.
SANWA DENSHI We are the largest Authorized Dealer for Sanwa Denshi parts and supporter in the world outside of Sanwa Denshi themselves. We have worked closely with Sanwa Denshi on numerous products that you see on the market today.  The character pushbutton and balltops for Blaz Blue, GGXRD, SFIV and SFIII: 3S have been our most notable products we've worked together on.  Much more coming, constantly
SEIMITSU Japanese Amusement Parts Manufacturer.  All their products are design and produced in Japan within their factory.   They were the first parts maker for the fighting game market to release clear pushbuttons and balltops.   Our newest partner which we have already started working on unique and limited edition products. There will be a line of exclusive products and collaborations coming from Seimitsu and Arcadeshock that will make a positive impact and addition to the FGC parts category
SPLITFRAME LLC We're not only partners of SPFR LLC, but also part owner.  For years we have always wanted to expand Arcadeshock into the FGC Apparel/Gear business in a more impactful and fashionable way. We teamed up with none other than one of our long time friend from college (USC), Michael West.  Mike is owner of the other half of SPFR who also runs and operates the parent company of 686 and Matix.  Given our experience with the FGC and their expertise with the clothing industry for design and manufacturing, together we will create products that make a statement. One of the more notable products that we worked together on (sold through though) are the custom made Fight Stick Bags. These were designed from the ground up which the intent of creating a fight stick bag that serves it's purpose in both functionality and exposing a signature look for this category