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The NEO•GEO Super Converter was the first RETRO Super Converter that Brook released.  This project was funded and released by us exclusively as we wanted better controls for our own NEO•GEO systems.  In addition to functionality for the NEO•GEO, the pin-out is also described as the DB15 which is used also used in Super Guns (custom consoles to play PCB/JAMMA games).   This converter's full functionality was put on hold until Brook and our scheduled cleared.  We made a huge push this year to make sure this happened.  Huge thanks to @hibachifinal for diagramming the button layout and doing the extensive testing and Tim Huang (from Brook) for pushing this through.  Talk about adding more life to this Super Converter

FIRMWARE UPDATE: October 6, 2022

Download Here V1.6.2 -This upload allows you to use your PS3/4 controller with all 6-button functionality (activating the kick layouts) for games that are on (not limited to), CPS2, CPS3

Bring new life to your NEO•GEO or JAMMA compatible system with the Brook Super Converter - PS4/PS3/PC to NEO•GEO

Your BEST NEO•GEO Controller is your PS4 or PS3 Controller

Additional Details - Compatibility Chart

One of the weaknesses of the NEO•GEO system is the controller itself.  First and foremost, the availability of second hand controller's are becoming more scarce and most are in average condition at best.  Secondly, the overall quality and performance of the classic and 2nd generation joystick is below average, in our opinion.  While the classic controller uses a quality Seimitsu joystick, the pushbuttons are poor and sometimes unresponsive. 

So instead of reinventing or creating a new NEO•GEO controller, we decided to work with Brook to introduce a device that allows virtually a limitless variety of controllers for the NEO•GEO AES, MVS and CD system.

Introducing the PS4 / PS3 to NEO•GEO converter.  This converter will allow you to use most existing controllers from QanBa, Hori, Mad Catz, Razer among others.  We thoroughly tested this converter as well as a few other parties and have confirmed that the response is instantaneous with no signs of lag whatsover.  In fact, it seems it's more responsive than the original NEO•GEO controllers themselves. 


  • PS4/PS3  to NEO•GEO (DB15) Super Converter
  • Works on PC (X-Input) with PS4 / PS3 controllers and pads for all 8 play buttons
  • Button Mapping to help you customize each button to your liking
  • Turbo for each pushbutton
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Capability with Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller or compatible controller
  • Instant response, Lag-free
  • Firmware Updates Possible via micro USB port

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$ 44.99