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Order Modification / Cancellation

Q:  I just placed my order, can I modify the order and add more parts to it?

A: Due to the heavy volume of orders we've received in the past year, we cannot modify your order.  This can cause inventory and shipping issues

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: We used to be able to accommodate this, but again, due to the large volume of orders, we're not able to do this.  Our top priority is to try to sort and pack orders to get them out as soon as possible as the shipping times by mail carriers have been notably slower than usual.  With this said, please make sure you are committed to going through with the order and selecting the parts that is right for you.  If you have any questions, please email us before you place your order.

Payment Questions (Within the United States and International)

Q: What currency are your products listed in?

A:  Everything we list is in United States Dollars (U.S.D.).  For currency conversions, please go to Please keep in mind that this website is an estimate conversion and changes on a daily basis.  The actual dollar amount depends on other factors such as the conversion rate that your credit card and /or bank gives you and this amount changes daily.

DOMESTIC (Within the United States)

Q: What forms of payments do you accept?

A:  We accept the following forms of payments:

  • Paypal (We will ONLY ship to the address that is listed on your Paypal account.  You can change the default address on your Paypal before you checkout if you wish to ship to another address, but in the end, whichever address you choose MUST be the address that we will ship to.  Please do not ask us to ship to any other address as this is Paypal's policy, not ours). 
  • Credit Cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card.  (For customers that have a credit card linked to a United States address).

INTERNATIONAL (Outside the United States)


Due to the high volume of orders that we have had issues with due to shipping inconsistencies from these areas, the ONLY form of payment we will accept is Paypal and the shipping method has to be USPS PRIORITY or FEDEX.  Any other form of payment or shipping type will delay your order for verification.

Q: I live outside of the United States. When I try to use my credit card, I keep getting an error message when I'm checking out for payment, why is this and do I have other payment options? 

A: Like most other credit card processors, ours can easily verify data for card holders within the United States and the United Kingdom (Great Britain) because it's verification system is set up to do so.  As you will see with other online dealers, the same is true.  We highly recommend you use Paypal as your form of payment as it is safer for both the buyer and seller and less headaches with verifications.  Once you set up your Paypal account, all the verifications are handled.  You only need to set this up once and will be able to use this form of payment trouble free for any other vendor that accepts Paypal as a payment.

Q: If I want to use my credit card, is there any other way I can do so if I do NOT live within the United States? 

A:  Yes, set up a Paypal account, which is free and you can link your credit card to it as the source of funds/payment.  Paypal has a broader access of verifying your credit card information and will get you set up in a short period of time.  Once you have this set up, make sure you select your credit card as the source of payment, otherwise, if you have your bank account linked to Paypal by default, it will try to withdrawal funds from that first.  You can contact Paypal if you need assistance with this.  Go to and it will give you a variety of payment options through their system.


Pre-ordering / Partial Shipping

Q: When I pre-order a product, when will my credit card be charged?

  • If you pay by credit card, you will be charged within 3 days of your purchase.  

Q: Can I cancel a pre-order?

  • Please check the terms of that specific item under the description.  Some items are ordered to the approximate quantity of pre-orders received, which will not allow cancellation once you have committed. Special order or custom made items that are on pre-order will also be in this non-returnable or non-exchange category.  In any case, please email us and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

Q: If I pre-order an item as well as buy other items that are in stock on the same transaction, do you ship the in-stock items first?

  • When you order the items together, we ship them together.  Please place a separate order if you require a non-preorder item(s) shipped immediately. 


Shipping Related Questions (within the United States)

Q: Can I ship to an alternate shipping address?

  • If you are paying with a credit card we must ship to the address that is one file with your credit card.  You can ship to any address you wish with Paypal as Paypal allows you to change the address at will.
  • We understand Amazon and other sites allow you to choose a different address as this is their choice, however, these are risks they can afford to absorb.  We're a small company, so our rules are set to protect us for the long run.

Q: After I place my order, how long does it take before my item ships?

A: If the item is in stock and does not require any special packaging materials (for most smaller items), we will ship it within 24-48 hours in most cases. Those using Express Mail services will receive priority over those that are shipped via Priority Mail, Ground or FREE SHIPPING.  If the item is a special order piece that needs to be built or shipped to us, email us to receive an approximate time frame.

Q:  It shows I paid for 1, 2 or 3 Day USPS Priority Mail shipping, but you didn't deliver as the shipping time showed, why is that?

A:  Please note that "shipping time" is based on a few things.  We generally ship within the same day or the next day if the item is in stock.  There is a "processing time" involved, which is the time it takes to sort and then box it up.  If you order on Monday and use 2-Day Priority Mail shipping, do not expect to always receive the item on Wednesday.  Please take the processing time into account.  Secondly, the time frame that the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides is an estimated time based on their fastest delivery time, which is dependent on their volume of packages (busier during holidays so these times will change) and staff support.  These type of shipments are NOT guaranteed services and USPS themselves explains this in their disclaimer.

The 1, 2 or 3 shipping days are calculated in Business Days, which means Monday through Friday.  If you order on Friday and it notes 1-Day Priority, you will most likely either receive it the following Monday or Tuesday, since that is the next Business Day. 

We pride ourselves by shipping out orders as fast as we can, sometimes even dropping off orders past midnight at 24 hour FEDEX Offices.  We really care about our customers and go the extra mile.  We do ask that you understand that we have no control over the speed of the delivery services we use once it leaves our hands.  Depending on the time of the year, just expect delays for shipping for non-guaranteed services (anything that is not labeled Priority Express, Express Overnight, Express Expedited) are not guaranteed for the time window displayed.  This is not our policy, but the policy of USPS and FEDEX. 

Q: I ordered some collectible items and want to make sure they're packed well, can you make sure of this?

A: We're collectors like many of our customers and pack each and every single item very well.  For starters, besides protecting your items with bubble wrap and tons of peanuts, the boxes we use to ship for the majority of our items are brand new.  This helps prevent the items from being 'crushed' in shipment.  Most sellers out there reuse old boxes, which loses it's durability and protection from all the previous abuse.

Q: I received my tracking number for my item, but it's not showing up when I check it's status online.

A: It takes up to 24 hours before the tracking number(s) are active in the system. Once it's checked in through the USPS or FEDEX, you will be able to monitor it's progress.  If you ordered on a weekend and the Monday happens to be a holiday, the tracking will not update until the next business day, which would be Tuesday.

For USPS, sometimes the tracking is not active as they do not always scan packages in between destinations, so there are instances where the tracking does not show up for over a day or two. 

Q: How does insurance work for my order? 

A: For domestic orders, all packages shipped via USPS Priority or Priority Express have $100 of automatic insurance (all FEDEX Services have $100 automatically).  If your item is valued higher than this, you can opt to purchase more.  As a vendor, we are responsible to pack and ship your items out.  The carrier is responsible for getting it to you.  If you use a shipping service that does not have insurance and your package is lost, we would not be able to place a claim with the post office.  It is rare that packages are lost, but we do recommend using  at least Priority Mail service as in cases of a non-deliverable item, we can put in a claim for reimbursement. 

If your residence does not have a secure area for packages to be left (such as your porch / doorstep), we highly recommend you ask for a Signature Confirmation (this will cost $2-5 more depending on the service). 

Q: My package is showing that it's sent back to you.  What happened? 

A:  Chances are, the shipping information you entered was incomplete or incorrect.  If you live in an apartment or have a business with a unit number, please make sure to enter that in.  If this is missing, it's almost certain the package will be sent back to us.  Additionally, whether it's FEDEX or USPS, both carriers will charge a return shipping fee, which we will deduct from your purchase price if you decide to have your order refunded.  To be fair, it is the responsibility of the buyer to enter in all the correct information.  We also aren't able to know whether the information you entered in is incorrect or not, so we have to go by what you enter in.  So please check all your information, including the parts you ordered to be accurate before confirming your order and checking out. 

Q: I want to buy a bunch of posters, artworks and large marquees, but I noticed the shipping prices for them are a bit high.  Are those the correct prices?

A: For bulk orders for items listed above, send us an email to get an accurate quote. We will give you a discounted price on the shipping.


Shipping Related Questions (INTERNATIONAL)

Q: Are import taxes included in my order? 

A:  Import tax fees vary from country to country and will be collected by the courier (if a tax applies - it's based on the amount normally) before the package is delivered or at the time of delivery, depending on how the courier in your country handles it. 

Q: I have received my tracking number and there isn't any progress for a few days.   99% of the time, it's stuck in customs within your country.

A:  Depending on which country you are from, many times, your item might be stuck in customs.  Since 9/11, customs in most countries have become stricter and the custom's procedures in some countries are slow and strict.  We suggest you contact the post office that serves your area to ask them about the status of your package.  They can give you the information you need to give to customs to speed up the process.

Q: Why am I charged more for shipping than what the store quoted? 

A: There are some instances for mostly International shipments where we will send you an email afterwards to notify you of the accurate shipping price.  Our store software bases the pricing on purely weight, which is accurate for most domestic shipments, for for International shipments, the dimension is calculated as part of the overall total.  The cases where this happens if  you order large items, such as multiple CPS2 Kits or arcade sticks where the dimensional weight is greater than the package weight.  Whichever is great is the actual charge from USPS (Commercial Account) or FEDEX.


Product Related Questions

Q: What exactly does an AUTHORIZED DEALER mean and how does that help me?

A: There's many ways to purchase products as a reseller, but there's only one true legitimate way to buy knowing that you have the backing of the manufacturer you buy from.  This protects, not only us from any issues as manufacturer's defects or bootleg products, but more so, it gives you, the customer peace of mind that you are buying a legit product and if the manufacturer offers a warranty with their gear, it has to be bought from an Authorized Dealer.  To qualify as an Authorized Dealer, you must have a contract with them and buy direct from them or one of their authorized distributors.  Buying gray market or from a 3rd party many times voids the warranty of the product, therefore leaving you stranded in cases of defects.  Many buyers overlook this fact simply due to rock bottom prices.  We generally are very competitive in the majority of items we sell, while providing the service/support and we buy all of our products from legit sellers.

For the items we carry, if they are new, we buy them DIRECT from the manufacturer to cut out the middle man.  This ensures that we get the original product, in brand new condition and pretty much allows us to pass on the savings to you.  Larger companies, while providing you with "FREE SHIPPING" generally cannot always buy direct, therefore their prices are higher.

Q: The package looks like it was opened, is this a new product?

A: For some cases, we will open up the packaging to check the contents or if you order items in addition to a large item, we may include the smaller parts inside the manufacturer's packaging.   Unless noted in the product description, all of our products are sold as new

Q:  What is NEO•GEO MVS and NEO•GEO AES and how are they compatible if at all?

A: MVS stands for Multi-Video System, which is the arcade format for the NEO•GEO.  You need a motherboard that accepts this format or a converter to play this format.  The AES stands for Advanced Entertainment System, which is used to describe the home version of the NEO•GEO.

You cannot play an AES (Home cartridge) on a MVS (Arcade) system.  Currently, there are no adapters that can do this.  You can, however, play MVS (NEO•GEO Arcade) cartridges on a home AES system, with this converter.  This converter is guaranteed to work with authentic MVS carts only. If your cart does NOT work, then either it is defective or it's a bootleg.

Q: Are all your games original or do you sell some bootlegs as well?

A: We do NOT sell any bootlegs whatsoever.  All of our games are original and use the original chips from the manufacturer.

Q: What is a COMPLETE KIT? Applies to those who collect and/or are interested in collecting.

A: Some NEO•GEO sellers out there, whether being personal or online dealers, use this term loosely.  We will provide our PURE definition and we have stuck to it for from the very beginning of personal collection to our current online sales.  We will also explain why some dealers define this term loosely as well.

A COMPLETE MVS Kit (this is the definition for a NEO•GEO MVS Kit) comprises of the following (w/some exceptions depending on the title itself):

  • Original Cartridge w/original label (Some titles have serial numbers, some don't)
  • Original Box w/original label (Some titles have serial numbers, some don't)
  • Matching Serial Numbers from the cart label to the box label (If serial number applies, depends on the title)
  • Mini Marquee (The majority of titles came with mini marquees.  Most are made out of flexible plastic, however, some later titles had only paper mini marquees, such as Pochi and Nyaa, Rage of the Dragons, and King of Fighters 2002)
  • Bezel Move Stickers (The majority of titles have this.  Normally it's a sticker, but some are made out of paper)
  • Mini Arcade Flyers (Normally consists of two flyers, but some don't have any and some only came with one flyer)
  • Dipsheet (All kits came with this sheet)

From the opening of our store until today, we've strictly stood by our guidelines.  Why we do this is because not only is this is the way it originally came from the manufacturer themselves, but we also wanted to follow the standards of other MVS kit collectors before us.  Our definition here, has been widely accepted by hardcore collectors alike.

It's been widely accepted by hardcore MVS Kit collectors that if any of the items above are missing, then it is NOT a complete kit.  What this means is the value of the kit is lessened, depending on how difficult it maybe to find that missing component.

The CORE of a kit is the serial numbers of the cart and box label, which must match.  If they don't, the items in itself holds only it's individual value.  For example, if you have a Last Blade 2 box and cart label, but the serial numbers do NOT match, the value of the set is valued at how much it would cost to buy just the cart and how much to buy just the box separately.  It is much easier to find a cart and box without matching serial numbers, than it is with the numbers matching.

Some sellers out there consider non-matching serial number box and cart label as 'kits.'  We don't.  Again, it's value is judged by what the majority collectors out there and non-matching serial numbers is not considered anywhere as valuable as one that does.  It is your choice to it's value, but take it from us, who have sold thousands of MVS Kits over the years that it's simply NOT desirable to collect non-matching serial number 'kits.'  It's just much tougher to resell for the reasons we gave above.

The labels on the box and cart must be authentic as well.  To reiterate, having either (cart or box) label that is authentic, while the other is home-made, goes back to considering the items as valuable as a 'loose MVS cart' + the artpack, but not a complete MVS Kit.

The seller can tell you that mismatched serial numbers, fake labels on either box or cart (that they generate to have matching serial numbers), kits missing one flyer, move sticker, etc. are real kits, but again, that is their definition, not the definition that is widely accepted by TRUE hardcore NEO•GEO collectors, so if you're planning to collect kits not only to play but to hold it's value, follow the guidelines above and you'll be able to resell them much easier when it's time to unload your collection.

Q: What is the significance of a complete kit over a loose cart?

A:  A complete kit is universally known by collectors from SNK, Cave, Capcom, Taito, (the list goes on) arcade games to be worth more than finding just a loose board.  Just for an example, finding a kit with all the contents, manual, marquee, move stickers, control panel overlay, with the game is much more difficult than finding just the game itself, which put's it into another class of scarcity and rarity.  The laws of demand still apply; however, for general purposes the logic above is agreed upon by the collecting community.

Q: How accurate is the description of your items and it's condition?

A:  We normally under rate the condition of our items so even the pickiest of collectors are normally satisfied.  Out of thousands of orders, we've only had 2 incidents where the customer requested an exchange because of small cart scratches.  We're not kidding about this either.