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Upgrade the aesthetic of your arcade controller with one of our High Grade Carbon Fiber panels?

Real Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is known for it's light weight and strength.  Why is this important? For all-button layouts, this saves a step for certain models were the bottom support panel is not required as the carbon fiber is durable and strong enough to the constant button presses (forces)

A True Panel Replacement

What makes it High Grade?  For starters, these range between 1.5 - 3mm in thickness.  These panels aren't a topical add-on, but a complete replacement to your existing plexi or metal panel.  These are precision cut to fit your controller perfectly

Modern Aesthetic

Carbon fiber's appeal is that it looks good with almost everything as a stand-a-lone piece or as an accent.  If you want to make a premium statement to the look of your arcade controller our carbon fiber panels will be worthy addition


READ THIS:  If you did not previously purchase one of our other kits that included the bottom metal support panel for either the all-button or NOIR layouts, you must add this along with the plexi, otherwise, it will NOT work.  For the all-button layout, you will also need to add the SOCD Cleaner Kit


Choose your Make and Model

  • Hori Fighting Edge NOIR
  • Qanba Obsidian NOIR (Bottom metal support panel required)
  • Qanba Obsidian VEWLIX
  • Razer Panthera NOIR (Bottom metal support panel required)
  • Razer Panthera VEWLIX

Recommended Accessory

SOCD Cleaner Kit - required for the following models

For the Fighting Edge and Razer Panthera all-button Layouts, you will need this kit to enable the SOCD Cleaner.  The Obsidian does not require this as there's a firmware update for it

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$ 74.95