MAS x ARCADESHOCK Collaboration
SOCD which stands for Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions
What this means is when you mod an arcade stick to a hitbox, SOCD cleaning is required (by the rule FGC tourney rule sets, mainly the CPT as well as other majors) to convert the signals (the joystick portion) to do the following:
UP + DOWN = Up
LEFT + RIGHT = Neutral
This board is required if you're converting an arcade stick that does not have SOCD built-in, which are most arcade sticks out there (Razer Panthera - native and Qanba Obsidian - via firmware update has SOCD capabilities)
As part of our Modding Made Easy series, this SOCD board  was designed and developed by our MAS Electronics and our MADD Modders crew
Goal:  Create a plug and play SOCD board that requires no soldering, no wire stripping.  Mission accomplished.  This saves you easily 20 minutes of modding time to focus on more important aspects of your project.
This SOCD Cleaner Kit was made specifically for Hori Arcade Sticks, which includes virtually all of their models, HORI RAP4 Kai, HORI RAP N, HORI Fighting Edge, HORI SOUL CALIBUR VI, HORI PREMIUM VEWLIX. 
As a Hori dealer, we specifically designed this board to work with their full line of arcade sticks.   Our plug and play design here works for the Fighting Edge, Hori RAP N and RAP4 Kai series that we've confirmed thus far.  More may be compatible as our team will verify in the future
We made this install so simple and quick, it only takes about a minute or even less to add SOCD to your Hori controller. No soldering, no wire stripping. The Modding Made Easy philosophy accomplished

$ 14.95

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