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EZ Mod for Mad Catz TE2 w/ Brook Universal Fighting Board Kit (w/ soldered headers)

P5 Upgrade:  This EZ Mod is compatible with Brook's UP5 Upgrade Kit.  When the UP5 is available again, it will appear as a recommended add-on accessory or you can purchase it from the direct link
NOTE:  Due to the size of a Korean Lever base and the placement of the EZ Mod PCB inside the TE2 case, the lid will not close properly.  We do NOT recommend installing this PCB if you are using a Korean Lever for this reason

This package will allow Mad Catz TE2 owners to upgrade their fight stick to universal status, which means that you will be able to play on PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Wii U/Switch/NEOGEOMini/PSOneClassic

NOTE: This includes the Brook Universal Fighting Board with the soldered headers on the UFB.  All you will need to do is remove your existing PCB and using all the cables provided, just plug an play.

Brook UFB

Key Features 

  • Developed for the Mad Catz TE2 PS3/PS4 Version
  • True Multi-Console Support (No 8 Minute timeout on PS4)
  • Auto System Detection
  • Fully upgradeable by end user when firmware updates are required
  • XINPUT mode for games that require it
  • Turbo Support
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner
  • Common Form Factor

Next generation support is achievable with basic know how with little (for the joystick USB cable - minimal soldering or you can use a Neutrik in combination with USB A to B and A to A cable) to no soldering involved. Simply replace the PCB in your current fight stick with this board and you are on your way to all system compatibility.

BROOK Installation Guide Video by Jon Bonilla

Why spend $300 on a new stick when you can upgrade your existing for less and get more out of it?!

The Jasen's Customs EZ MOD for the TE2 works with XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, and PS4  Madcatz TE2 Fight Sticks making the Brook Universal Fighting Board a snap to install! The convenient design allows it to be installed in the stock PCB location and requires no modification to the stock internal wiring of the stick. The only technical requirement is the necessity to cut the USB wires from the stock board. After that, its all plug and play!

EZ Mod for TE2

  • Retains all Player LED functions
  • PS4/XBOX ONE TE2's the Auxiliary Panel Buttons can be set to L3/R3/Turbo or Touch Pad Click by Jumper
  • Completely solder free solution (minus the Brook PCB)
  • Lock LED becomes Turbo LED status (not applicable on XBOX 360 versions)
  • Passes power to the Paradise Arcade Shop LVT3 LED solution and the stock LED boards (where applicable)
  • The Front Madcatz Logo still glows

FAQs (TE2 EZ MOD) from Jasens Customs

  • Will this work with the LVT3? - Yes. It should work fine. The Power Connector "U$8" aka "TO LVT3 or LED BOARD provides the necessary power to the stock MCZ LED board and the LVT3 board.
  • What are the jumpers in the kit used for? - You connect them to pins on JP4 (RIGHT BUTTON on the AUX Panel) and JP5 (LEFT BUTTON on the Aux Panel). These let you set those buttons to either L3, R3, TP Click, or Turbo.
  • What does JP6 do? - This is a programming header. Do not connect anything to this. It is not used by the end user.
  • Can you use this to connect a PS360+ ? - Absolutely. In this case you will only need to connect the 4P USB interconnect and the 20P ribbon cable between the two boards.
  • Can I use a Kaimana Khameleon with this setup? - Absolutely! The only modification you will need to make is making your own mini-USB to Molex 4 pin connector cable. Simply cut the non-mini end off of the cable and connect the wire ends to a molex 4P KK housing. Here's a link. Don't forget the pins!
  • What do the LEDs on the Aux panel end up doing? - On sticks that have it, the LOCK button indicates Turbo Function. Solid = Turbo activated, Blinking = Turbo in effect for the button you are pressing. The Player LEDs work as expected lighting up for what player you are on the system. The remaining don't do anything. The one fun part is on XBONE variants all LEDs do a Knight Rider chase on power up. How fun!
  • Do you have other EZ MODs? - Yes! The PS4 version of the Hori VLX has an EZ MOD available as well a TE2+ for Mad Catz.
  • My MCZ LED Board doesn't light up! - Don't worry, we can fix it. It's not clean but it will work until you can update to an LVT3 LED controller. On the 3 pin LED Board Connector, connect the middle pin and the pin closest to the start/select header. You can clip the wires and then solder/splice them together or even bridge the pins on the EZMOD board underneath. The LEDs should fire right up. Thanks @Megahurtz for being the guinea pig on this work around ;)
  • My Aux panel buttons don't work!? - You most likely failed to install the jumpers on J4 and J5 labeled LEFT BUTTON and RIGHT BUTTON respectively. Please install the jumpers to set the buttons to your liking. You can make either of them L3, R3, Turbo, or Touch Pad Click. 100% of the issues with these buttons not working after install is because the jumpers weren't installed.

The kit includes all cables and connectors required for installation and should install in about 10 minutes!

Installation Videos can be found here:

Customer Mod: DanieDeeGaming



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