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EZ Mod for Hori RAP VLX w/Brook Universal Fighting Board Kit (w/soldered headers)

P5 Upgrade:  This EZ Mod is compatible with Brook's UP5 Upgrade Kit.  When the UP5 is available again, it will appear as a recommended add-on accessory or you can purchase it from the direct link

For those who want to deck out their Hori Premium VLX Controller (PS4 Version), this package is for you.  We have teamed up with Jasen's Customs to bring out a kit coupled with Brook's Universal Fighting Board to step up your VLX Premium controller to be able to be played with all systems

This package includes the Brook Universal Fighting Board (with the soldered JST connectors that will provide the cleanest look and form factor) and the Hori VLX EZ Mod Board.  Combined you are saving $15 if purchased separately

This System replaces the stock Hori PS3/PS4 PCB. The main board is a “dumb board” meaning it just routes signals such as buttons and USB to specific spots for use with another “smart board”, in this case the Brook Universal Fighting Board. It physically takes the place of the stock board in your Hori VLX PS4 stick so that all stock cabling can be directly connected without damage or permanent modification. This keeps the value of the stick high since you can easily and quickly revert it to completely stock if you decide to resell it

Once the VLX UPGRADE board has been installed, a Brook Universal Fighting Board can be installed on top turning your VLX into a PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Wii U/Switch/NEOGEOMini/PSOneClassic compatible Arcade Stick. The two mate together easily using a combination of the male pin headers on the Upgrade Board and the female headers (provided with the kit for easy soldering) on the Brook Universal Fighting Board. There are three cables (provided with the kit) that you install between the two boards as well that connect additional signals

Once installed everything on the stick works stock with the following caveats:

  • RS. DP/LS function properly with the switch on the VLX. The stock HORI PCB handles the RS signal differently than the Brook UFB so that position results in DP mode.
  • Turbo. Again, the HORI PCB handles the signal differently than the Brook UFB so Turbo has been omitted.
  • Touchpad Tracking: Requires a software update from Brook. Coming soon.
  • This board is compatible with the VLX Kuro Premium and the VLX Hayabusa Premium versions.

This kit includes the following:

  • Jasen's Customs VLX Upgrade Board
  • Brook Universal Fight Board with all required connectors already soldered!
  • Mounting Hardware Interconnect Cables

Images:  ALL these images are the property of  Please do not use them unless you receive written permission and credit us accordingly 

Special thanks to Omar for the image of the BROOK UFB and VLX EZ Mod Kit installed into his Hori VLX Premium.  It took him 10 minutes to install this himself, without ANY soldering or cutting wires. This is as clean as it gets. 

Installation Video:

$ 139.98

$ 126.98