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BROOK Universal Fighting Board (PS3 | PS4 | Xbox 360 | Xbox One | PC | WIIU | Switch | NEO•GEO Mini) w/ 20-Pin and Pre-Soldered Headers

09/08/2023:  Brook's new retail price on this board is now $79.95

UP5 Ready:  Our version of the Brook UFB already has the J2 connector pre-soldered so if you're adding the Brook UP5 board, just plug and play 

Madcatz TE2 and TE2+ Owners - If you are buying this to replace your dead PCB, please buy this kit here:  EZ Mod Kit with Brook UFB for Mad Catz TE2 and TE2+

Our Brook UFB are custom made specifically to work with these EZ Mod PCB's.  Some connectors are not compatible with this version of the pre-soldered UFB.

UPDATE 03/09/2018:  With Sony's recent update V5.50 there was an 8-minute time out on the UFB which has now been resolved - Download this firmware to update the UFB

Version 5.50 UFB Firmware Update from Brook

For compatibility of your fight stick, control pad or driving wheel, go to and go to the appropriate converter of your choice and CLICK on MORE.  Scroll down to the bottom to check to see if your product is compatible with the converter to prevent returns / exchanges and headaches for yourself. 

Go here to download new update ONLY if necessary:

We asked Brook to add a 20-pin and soldered headers to work with a few of our EZ Mod boards as well as facilitate the ease of wiring up a new stick.

This board works with the following EZ Mod Boards:

EZ Mod for Mad Catz TE2

In addition, for those who are planning modding a stick from scratch, the following items carried in our store (in addition to the joystick and pushbuttons you will need to choose) will allow you to easily connect and wire up your controller with ease. 

Quick Connect 20-pin Harness for Fight Sticks

Custom Angled / Short USB A to B Cable

Neutrik Reversible USB Gender Changer (Type A and B)

Neutrik Rubber Sealing Gasket

USB A to B 10ft Cable

PCB Feet (Plastic Adhesive) 3M Technology

Up to this point, quad-mods (all system support) have been clunky and required multiple PCB's to work.  Add on additional labor costs to the end user and the extra time required by the modder, all methods up to this point was not beneficial to anyone. 

Brook LLC, makers of the Super Converters have been working hard on a all in one PCB that handles all the system, with auto system detection.   That's right, no buttons to push, no switches to adjust.  Just plug and play and it will recognize your system.

Key Features 

  • True Multi-Console Support (No 8 Minute timeout on PS4)
  • Auto System Detection
  • Fully upgradeable by end user when firmware updates are required
  • XINPUT mode for games that require it
  • Turbo Support
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner
  • Common Form Factor

True last and next generation support is achievable with basic know how with little (for the joystick USB cable - minimal soldering or you can use a Neutrik in combination with USB A to B and A to A cable) to no soldering involved. Simply replace the PCB in your current fight stick with this board and you are on your way to all system compatibility.  

Special thanks to Jasen of Jasen's Customs Creations for doing rigorous testing for system compatibility, latency and functionality as well as outline the detailed features of this board.  


Jon Bonilla (@jonyfraze on Twitter) put together a nice basic video installation guide:

Brook Universal Fighting Board Basic Installation Guide

In stock, ships immediately

Input Lag Test vs Mad Catz TE2+ PCB:


Quick Link:

Brook Fighting Board Manual / Instructions


$ 94.95

$ 79.95