EZ Mod Kit for Mad Catz TE2 (Brook UFB not included)

Why spend $300 on a new stick when you can upgrade your existing for less and get more out of it?!

The Jasen's Customs EZ MOD for the TE2 works with XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, and PS4  Madcatz TE2 Fight Sticks (NOT the TE2 +) making the Brook Universal Fighting Board a snap to install! The convenient design allows it to be installed in the stock PCB location and requires no modification to the stock internal wiring of the stick. The only technical requirement is the necessity to cut the USB wires from the stock board. After that, its all plug and play!

EZ MOD for TE2

  • Retains all Player LED functions
  • PS4/XBOX ONE TE2's the Auxiliary Panel Buttons can be set to L3/R3/Turbo or Touch Pad Click by Jumper
  • Completely solder free solution (minus the Brook PCB)
  • Lock LED becomes Turbo LED status (not applicable on XBOX 360 versions)
  • Passes power to the Paradise Arcade Shop LVT3 LED solution and the stock LED boards (where applicable)
  • The Front Madcatz Logo still glows
  • The Brook UFB is NOT included in this package
  • NOTE: This is for the Mad Catz TE2, NOT the TE2 Plus (TE2+)


The kit includes all cables and connectors required for installation and should install in about 10 minutes!

Installation Videos can be found here:

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$ 29.99