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UNIVERSAL MODDING KIT: WIRELESS Edition w/ Brook Fighting Board

Among other bug fixes.  Go here to download firmware:

NOTE: Due to BATTERY regulations with our shipping carriers, we cannot ship this product to addresses outside the USA

Continuing with our Modding Made Easy series arrives the Universal Modding Kit for Brook's new Wireless Fighting Board.  We put all the parts together in this kit to make it easy for you to complete that custom arcade stick or Stickless controller (requires stickless conversion cable)

Features of Brook Wireless Fighting Board

  • PS3 / PS4 / Switch / PC (X-Input) Compatibility
  • 3DVR Support
  • Wireless / Wired Function
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack (PS4 Mode)
  • SOCD Cleaner
  • Touchpad Support
  • Turbo Function
  • Firmware Updates Available as released

Kit Contents

  • Brook Wireless Fighting Board
  • Battery Pack
  • 10' Type A to B USB Cable (used to charge battery or to set on Wired mode)
  • Breakout Board (for USB and Audio - PS4)
  • Antenna Kit (Wire + Screw On Nut)
  • 20-pin Harness
  • TP/L3/R3 Harness
  • Adhesive PCB Feet

Optional Accessories

How to wireless pair to each system

  • Hold down LP or 1P for PS3 Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Hold down MP is PS4 Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Hold down LK is Switch Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Unplug the USB cable, press "PS" and you're good to go

Please check out Jonyfraze's thorough video review complete with install guide and latency testing here:

Update Courtesy of Jonyfraze 08/28/2019:

The WFB works as a wireless pc controller without the need for a PS4 dongle. Hold down PS + share, then PS + option for 3-5 seconds while your PC’s BT is set to searching to connect. Note that it’s not X-Input and may not be supported by all games

Quick Link:

$ 107.95

$ 96.95