UNIVERSAL MODDING KIT w/Brook PS4/PS3 Fighting Board / Custom USB Cables / 20-pin Harness / USB Pass-Thru (Modding Made Easy Series)

Update 03/09/2018:  Firmware Update for Brook Fighting Board with Audio

We now are offering our Modding Made Easy Kit for Brook's PS4 Fighting Board with Audio


The purpose of this kit is two fold.  Make modding easy and save time doing it.  If you're technical and love challenges putting together complex components to complete your fight stick, there's plenty of parts out there for you to tickle your interest.  

There are others, however, that want to experience putting together their own master piece without the tedious requirement of making custom cables, connectors and figuring out of what major parts are required to do so.  

So here you have it.  The key components that will help you put together that custom arcade stick you've always wanted to do, but just didn't want to do all the homework doing it.  Let's have some fun and do this! 

Below is a list of parts that we put together to simplify your fight stick modding (besides choosing your joystick and pushbutton parts, of course).

Buy together, save time and money

Universal Modding Kit Parts

Optional add-on for Hit-Box Mod

 Short Link: https://tinyurl.com/MMEPS4AUDIO






$ 96.98

$ 84.98