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Taeyoung Fanta Lever - Standard (FULL) Collar

While there have been many different Korean levers out there on the market, this particular one started it all. This lever would establish the design of what others would base on. After a brief period of being discontinued as the interest in Korean levers all around the world was rising, it's finally returned.

The Taeyoung Fanta Lever utilizes the 35mm restriction collar found on typical Korean levers. Unique to the Taeyoung Fanta is the bigger internal diameter hole which allows the 9mm bat top shafts to travel farther from neutral to edge than others on the market. The bottom end features Gersung V1623A2 switches placed closer to the middle than most Korean levers. This is complimented by an actuator that can be oriented in either its widest or narrowest positions. The former emphasizes a good balance of cardinal directions and diagonals but can create accidental triggering if not careful. The latter benefits for a slightly larger neutral but at the cost of smaller diagonals. Find what position works for best for you. Depending on what you play, you might even see a downside as an advantage

Another aspect of the Taeyoung Fanta includes a black medium tension grommet that helps in pushing the shaft back to neutral efficiently. Every lever will also include matte coated dust covers and top for a good textured feel

WARNING: Please note that the Taeyoung Fanta Lever uses a different mounting standard not found on Japanese arcade sticks. It will only work on sticks that both adhere to the specific screw points and has a 35mm joystick lever hole for the Taeyoung Fanta's collar to go through. If you are looking for a Japanese stick-friendly version, look into the Low Collar version of the Taeyoung Fanta Lever

What's Included

  • Taeyoung Fanta Lever (Full Collar)
  • Gersung V1623A2 Microswitches
  • Choose between White, Black, Red, or Green Bat Top Shafts
  • Medium Tension Grommet

NOTE: you will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer    

Recommended Accessories

$ 39.95