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Switchcraft EHUSBBABX USB B to A EH Panel Mount Connector with 4-40 screws

It's always good to have options.  Up to this point, we've only carried Neutrik which has continually served us and the consumers well. 

Welcome the Switchcraft alternative to the Neutrik USB connector.  Unlike the Neutrik, the Switchcraft's module is not reversible (which it doesn't need to be for modding purposes).  This gives it an edge for strength as it's a single mold which pretty much secures it in place better in cases of accidental jamming of the USB cable in, which can damage or cave the connector inwards. 

The Switchcraft USB connector is great for those wooden case mods as it does a better job at handling the depth of those thick cases. 

These are rock solid in terms of build quality, inline or better than the Neutrik variant in this aspect.


  • Made in the USA
  • USB B (front) to USB A feed-through
  • Black finish (Only Color Available for this type)
  • Tough metal housing
  • 4-40 screws Included

$ 10.50