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Street Fighter II: Champion Edition JAMMA Board

From the fighting game that started the 'craze', Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, the most popular sequel hit of all time, took the whole scene to a new level by allowing gamers to play as 'The Bosses' as well as spawn a new breed to customized moves among third party manufacturers.  Street Fighter II: Champion Edition was the first true sequel to Capcom's major SF II hit, with a plethora of bootleg versions out there that allowed some crazy moves, but in the end, diluted the game by simply taking away what was so loved about it so much, the strategic, but simple gameplay system. 
Finding bootleg versions of this game are of a plethora, but if you want the original/authentic Capcom version, here it is. 
Certainly a classic and to this day, still played by many old school fighting game fans. 

$ 150.00