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SNK NEO•GEO Samurai Shodown V NEO•GEO MVS Kit

Package Contents:
  • Brand New Samurai Shodown V MVS Kit (English) 100% Complete with matching serial numbers
  • Official Samurai Shodown V Poster (Painted/Printed in Japan)
  • Note: The small mini marquee and large marquee are out of stock and no longer in production therefore will not be included as shown in the image
  • Get these kits while they are still available.  Like all NEO•GEO products, once they are sold out and scarce, the price sky rockets.  We have under 5 of these kits left and that's it

The Sworded men/women are back and this time with a new gameplay system. Add in 8 new characters with a total of 24 immediately selectable warriors and you have yourself one heck of a fighter.

If you miss the Samurai gameplay/tactics, SSV won't dissapoint you and the game engine is right on target.

$ 800.00