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SNK NEO•GEO MVS Pop N' Bounce Kit

One of the NEO•GEO's strengths is it's category with puzzle games. Pop N' Bounce is considered one of the favorites among fans of the NEO GEO and ironically, it was not well circulated worldwide.  Most of these were found in European countries, therefore if you reside in the United States, chances are, you couldn't pick one of these up.

What we have here is an MVS Kit, with the only missing component being the move sticker, which some of the later kits did not have due to lack of supply.  Everything else is intact, with the matching serial numbers being the most vital to holding the value of an MVS Kit.   You will have a much easier time finding the move sticker than you will finding the matching box or cartridge.


  • Matching Serial Numbers 002162 on Cart / Box Labels
  • Mini Arcade Flyers
  • Dip Sheet
  • (Missing Move Sticker)

$ 250.00