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SNK NEO•GEO MVS Metal Slug 5 Kit

The last Metal Slug made for SNK's NEO•GEO system.  After part 3 was made, we thought for sure that was it, but it kept going all the way to part 5. SNK Playmore had huge plans for MS5 as there are hidden bosses in the code that were later scrapped for bosses that aren't as thrilling.  Nevertheless, Metal Slug 5 had it's appeal as a mix of some of the older Slugs and as a kit, it is quite desirable as it was the least produced Slug of the bunch. 

This is a used kit, but is in great shape with matching serial numbers and art sets in English and Spanish. 

It is rare to find one of these kits these days and the last time we had this in stock was back in 2006. 

$ 350.00