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SNK NEO•GEO AES King of Fighters '99 (JP)

The first KOF to offer the Striker's system, which adds a little mix to the overall gameplay.

This copy was sitting in SNK NEO GEO USA New Jersey Office before they shut down.  This item was a NOS item and is not in pristine condition, but we would say very good to excellent. 

They had a few cartridges that they moved around for trade shows, so there is some wear on the case, but nothing major.

Insert:  Excellent condition, no discoloration of any kind.  There is a very small tear in the edge of the bottom spine, but hard to see unless carefully inspected.
Manual:  Pristine condition
Cartridge:  Minor scuffs from the cartridge shifting inside the case
Snap-lock Case:  Has some wear from movement, but in good condition

$ 185.00