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SEIMITSU Universal Mounting Plate

For those who have been using Seimitsu joysticks for some time, you may have discovered that one of the challenges has been finding a way to mount them.    Seimitsu offers a lot of different types of joysticks and with this, comes with different sized mounting plates that have mounting holes positioned that do not necessarily follow the common or universal standards

In order to resolve this, we recommend Seimitsu make their own universal plate which has mounting holes for all their plates, the SE, MS, VF and Vewlix (New MS Plate)

This plate also comes with a set of 4 screws (not shown).  Please note these screw heads uses the JIS standard where the Phillips type screws are not as deep as the normal standard, therefore, the screws can be easily stripped.  You can use the standard Phillips screws as well

$ 10.95