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SEIMITSU Spring (See Choices)

Change the tension of your Seimitsu joystick with authentic springs from Seimitsu themselves.  These are not 3rd  party springs and are made by Seimitsu to the exact specifications. 

Spring Types

  • LS-56
  • LS-58
  • LS-60 / 62
  • LS-32 / 40

Springs Interchangeable with one another:

  • LS-56, LS-58, LS-60, LS-62
  • LS-32 / LS-40 (uses same spring)

For example, if you have a LS-56 joystick, naturally, it will come with a LS-56 spring.  You can though, change the feel (tension / stiffness) of the LS-56 joystick, but swapping out the spring to either the LS-58, LS-60 or LS-62. 

The LS-32 and 40 use identical springs so if you purchase these, it would be to replace your current springs to give it the day one feel. 

How to install video by our Madd Modders Team


$ 1.45