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SEIMITSU ALUTIMO SSPS-30N SOLID ( 30mm ) Mechanical Pushbutton

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Cherry MX Guide and Specifications

How to Install / Swap Cherry MX Switch Video

A New Generation

Seimitsu joins the mechanical revolution! The 'Alutimo' is a new pushbutton equipped with Cherry MX microswitches, featuring a new design meant for fast-paced performance

Cherry MX Speed Silver

It is packed-in with MX Speed Silvers which has been the prime choice for speedy inputs, but the Alutimo is also hot-swappable allowing for further customization and fine-tuning with other types of Cherry MX profile microswitches

New Body Design 

he innovative MX switch holder design also ensures constant connection with no signal loss. Alutimo's come with a refreshed Solid and Clear color selection in 30mm and 24mm sizes

Interchangeable Microswitch

The pushbutton microswitch can be easily swapped with another compatible Cherry microswitch by using optional spacers (offered by us here - Seimitsu made)

Seimitsu Alutimo Features

  • Available in 30mm and 24mm
  • Seimitsu style Dual-Piece Plunger design allows for artwork inserts on Clear versions
  • Hot-Swappable MX profile Microswitches (3-Pin)
  • Tweak and Fine-tune various MX Switches using 1.0mm (Installed) and 0.2mm Spacers (Sold Separately)
  • Use Seimitsu Switch Extractor Tool (Sold Separately) for easy swapping

$ 6.75