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SEIMITSU SELS-70-F Joystick (Fastener Type)

The Seimitsu SEL-70-F is a new joystick from their new 70 series.  This unit specifically uses .187 connectors, which Seimitsu refers to as the "Fastener" type.   See the unique features of this joystick, which is a derivative of their popular LS-56 joystick


  • Equipped with a new shape anti-rotation mechanism designed exclusively for small size
  • Since the NT shaft is installed as standard, the length can be finely adjusted by removing the washer
  • Metal bearings dedicated to small rotation stops are installed as standard
  • Equipped with an octagonal mounting guide designed for small rotation stops
  • The base plate is plated like the SS base
  • A newly designed spring is incorporated to stop rotation
  • The height under the base is designed to be 1.2mm lower than LS-56-01

Note:  This joystick requires the .187 to 5-pin harness to work on most controllers that take the 5-pin connector.  This is shown as an optional accessory

$ 34.95