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SEIMITSU Replacement Shaft Set for LS-32 or LS-38 Series (Set of 4)

This replacement shaft kit consists of four different lengths for the Seimitsu LS-32 and 38.  The stock shaft for the LS-32 and 38 series measures 30.4 mm.  This kit provides one shorter than the stock and three longer.

The shorter shaft would be similar to the LS-62-01, while the longer shafts would be useful for thicker panels, or for those who prefer the extra length based on your grip style or bat top installation

From the second shaft onwards (from left to right), the length are as follows:

  • 26.4 mm
  • 33.4 mm
  • 36.4 mm
  • 39.4 mm

Note:  This is not compatible with the LS-40 or LSQ-40 which uses a different shaft diameter

$ 15.95