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SEIMITSU PS-14-K Clear Pushbutton (30mm - Snap In) [BOUNCEBACK SERIES]

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These are the 1.25 and 1.50N PS-14-K versions.  The stock is 1.0N which can be found here

2018 - Multi-tension pushbuttons from Seimitsu.  Let us start off by saying that we are all for improving or at least the attempt to change the user experience and we are thrilled Seimitsu are making advances towards this

Overview - The PS-14-K now has 3 tension levels, 1.0N (Standard), 1.25N (Medium), 1.50N (Heavy) which Seimitsu's says gives the button a faster "bounceback" for quicker response.  In real world use, what this would mean is that the button would snapback into neutral position quicker allowing the user to execute the complicated single frame link combos with more precision

For the past few years, our relationship with Seimitsu has been of one of discovering new products for the community that truly makes a difference in user experience and these springs adds to this philosophy of forward thinking

In 2016, our first collaboration was having custom Massage Balltops made, which to this day, could only be done with the use of a specific 3D printer.  Up to that point, balltops didn't different much except in weight and custom graphics.  With the Massage balltop, it brought a new element to the experience with the unique sensation from the dimples all around

In 2017, Seimitsu customized the LS-56-01 for us with 5 different tensioned springs to appeal all users.  This further affirms our belief that we want to change the user experience with touch and feel, not just changing the visual aspects

Clear snap-in 30mm pushbuttons from Seimitsu.  Seimitsu gives you the best overall performance and variety in terms of color choices.  Sanwa Denshi's clears are more sensitive to the touch while Seimitsu's activates and are responsive to a more pressure, so there are no accidental inputs if your fingers rest of the buttons

These custom springs will only be available in pushbutton format and will not be sold separately.  Currently, these multi-tension pushbutton springs are made for the PS-14-K exclusively

These are standard sized pushbuttons that are used in most fight sticks such as QanBa, Hori and Mad Catz, which are the larger play buttons. You can insert your custom artwork by removing the inner plastic cap

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