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SEIMITSU PS-14-DN-C Solid Body | Clear Plunger Pushbutton [24mm - Screw On]

This pushbutton is solid in color with a clear plunger that allows you to add your own customizable artwork.  24mm in diameter, screw on type is ideal for those customized sticks with variable control panel depths.  This will also work on most commercial sticks from QanBa, Hori and Mad Catz which for these sticks would be the start / select pushbutton

For those making custom Hit Boxes, this size is ideal for the play buttons


  • 24mm Screw on type
  • Generally used for Start / Select Button
  • Solid body, clear plunger
  • Customized Art Insertion Possible
  • Ideal for customized thick control panel sticks
  • Works with most commercial sticks
  • For Hit Boxes (these are the right size for the play buttons)
  • 7 Different Colors to choose from

$ 2.95