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NOTE:  Seimitsu made custom Pearl Balltops for our event, which are different from the versions that will be released to the rest of the market  in January 2022

The first obvious difference is we have the yellow variant, which has not been officially announced if they will release this later

Furthermore, with our version, the colors are more vibrant and with the additional coating gives it more luster

You can see the differences here provided by Eric Wiley from RASC who attended our Grand Opening event on December 18, 2022

Seimitsu has been known to be a bit conservative in releasing new products over the years.  In 2021, they changed this and made a number of limited edition joysticks, balltops and in 2022, will also release pushbuttons

As a special promotion for our storefront grand opening on December 18, 2021, Seimitsu allowed us an exclusive release of the Pearl Balltops.  Over a decade ago, Seimitsu released their line of Pearlescent pushbuttons, which was later discontinued.  In our last meeting with Seimitsu in February of 2020, they made a commitment to revive the "Pearl" series and wanted to do a reboot, but with a different flare.  This is first time a "Pearl" version balltop has been released

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