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SEIMITSU NT Shaft [Length Adjustment Shaft] for LS-32/38

Seimitsu's NT replacement for their smaller series joysticks is specifically made for their LS-32/38

Dual Purpose

Seimitsu's first intention for the NT product was to allow the user to adjust the shaft length based on how the mounting plate is used in conjunction with the controller case and the user's personal preference

With their design, this also serves as a detachable shaft by basically unscrewing or twisting off the top portion

High or Low

The shaft can be shortened from a maximum of 37 to 31mm (minimum) in 3mm increments


Fine tune your Seimitsu LS-32 joystick with the adjustable NT Shaft kit. Switch the height of the LS-32 shaft from 31mm up to 37mm, with adjustments in 3mm increments. Useful for on-the-fly switching between Balltop, Bat-top, Bullet Top configurations. The variable shaft height allows for ease of use for different handle styles. This shaft kit also allows for mounting a Seimitsu LS-32 lever on different panel heights with the added benefit of a detachable joystick for compact storage. (Also Compatible with Seimitsu LS-38 series joysticks)

Disclaimer by Seimitsu

Note with any mod, improper installation or misuse of the product can damage it, therefore the warranty is voided.  This note isn't any different from any other mod, of course, but Seimitsu wanted to point this out


  • 1x Handle Shaft
  • 2x 3mm Adjustment Washers
  • 1x LS-32 Shaft Body
  • 1x E-ring

$ 13.95