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SEIMITSU LSQ-40-MS Silent Joystick

After many years of planning and development, Seimitsu releases it's first silent joystick.  This joystick is based off of the LS-40 architecture as the model number presents using custom silent Omron switches

This joystick comes with their new MS plate where the screw holes match up with the industry standard, Sanwa Denshi's JLF-P1 flat plate

Silent Difference

Comparisons between silent joysticks will be made.  Currently, we also carry the Hori Silent Hayabusa Joystick, which is optical based and Sanwa Denshi's JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK, which uses traditional microswitches

The first function of these sticks is to perform, silently, without any or little audible clicking, which we can safely say all of these models perform as advertised

For those who have experienced the silent joystick offerings from Sanwa Denshi, the current model is the 3rd generation, which they improved with feedback from professional fighting game players.  What was changed?  Feedback from the microswitches.  Many professional players said they needed to feel the motions, which they said lacked in the generation one and two models

For those who have tested the Hori silent joystick, since this is purely optical based, there are no microswitches, therefore, no feedback for the end user.  Depending on the player you are, you may or may not prefer this

The latest competitor to the silent joystick market is Seimitsu.   Back in 2017, we had met on several occasions to discuss new products that would round out their catalog.  In one of those meetings, the discussion of making a new silent joystick was proposed.  To make a silent joystick using microswitches, this process has to take time as there aren't many switch makers out there currently that can simply produce them and naturally, while Seimitsu and Sanwa Denshi use Omron as their microswitch source, these have to be different from more than performance reasons

From our personal testing of Seimitsu's LSQ-40-01 silent joystick, there is noticeable feedback.  Why this was surprising is that it's not something you would expect from a joystick that is silent.  Generally, "feedback" requires some type of audible clicky sound, but in this case, it is very quiet, even when it's not installed in a controller case.  What Seimitsu has achieved is truly a unique and different silent joystick from the other two brands as this doesn't feel like the other two.   Yes, there's feedback on movements on this joystick and it took us a second to realize, "wait, this is a silent joystick." 

Depending on that type of player you are, Seimitsu has given you another option to take a look at

Please note this joystick uses the fastener type connectors, so the .187 to 5-pin harness is required if your setup is not compatible with the fastener type

What's Included

  • LSQ-40-MS Silent Joystick (Fastener Type)
  • Revised MS Plate
  • Latest Version Octogate
  • Custom OMRON Silent Switches D2RV-LG
  • Note:  Balltop is NOT included

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$ 42.95