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SEIMITSU LS-62-01 Joystick

Seimitsu has been pretty active the past few years tweaking and updating their joystick lineup to offer a variety of choices for their customers

At JAEPO 2016, Seimitsu launched a new addition to their joystick family by using different features from their existing popular models

Testing: The feel of the LS-62-01 is like no other.  The combination of the short shaft, soft spring, octagonal gate provides a very smooth, yet highly accurate execution.  One of these was given to MMCafe's head chief (who currently used the Hori Hayabusa and Sanwa's JLF), is now ONLY using the LS-62-01 and cannot go back to the other two for the reasons above.   Games tested with this joystick were on KOF XIII and USF4


  • LS-60 Soft Spring
  • LS-32 Lever at 10.5 pi
  • 8mm Shorter Shaft than LS-56
  • Octagonal Restrictor Gate

What's Included

  • SS Base Mounting Plate (as shown)
  • Octogate
  • Dust Cover (as shown)
  • Note:  Balltop is not included

$ 23.95