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SEIMITSU LS-56-SC-K Joystick (Fastener Type)

The Seimitsu LS-56 is commonly found in Japanese arcade cabinets, which uses the fasten terminal mounting.  Therefore, this type of joystick is not used for the standard 5-pin connectors found in the commercial joysticks from QanBa, Hori and Mad Catz

The feel of the LS-56 is stiffer than the LS-32 and LS-58 series for those who prefer this type of resistance, while having the shortest throw distance.  Overall the motion to execute a command is the shortest distance among all it's sticks    

What's Included

  • MS Mounting Plate
  • Dust/Shaft Cover (Solid Black)
  • Note:   Balltop is NOT included

$ 23.95