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EVO 2022 Exclusive - Limited to 150 Units Worldwide

Seimitsu's LS-32 series, particularly the -01 (no shaft cover) remains their best selling and most reliable joystick.  Used widely in Japanese candy cabs  such as the Astro City, the LS-32-01 performs well for both 2D fighters and shmups.  To this day, this remains one of our favorite sticks to use on a daily basis

For the live return of EVO 2022, we wanted to do something special and bring the first officially licensed EVO joystick to the market.  With this EVO x Seimitsu Special Edition LS-32-01-EVO, a custom New MS mounting plate, baby blue shaft and Seimitsu silver foiled logo balltop was created


  • Officially Licensed by EVO
  • Limited One Time Production
  • Seimitsu x EVO LS-32-01 Joystick
  • Custom Seimitsu x EVO New MS Plate
  • Custom Painted Baby Blue Shaft
  • Custom Seimitsu Silver Foil Logo Balltop
  • Replacement Springs x 2 (0.25kgf, 0.9kgf) in addition to stock spring
  • Round Sub-Gate
  • Square Main-Gate
  • Custom Seimitsu x AS Box

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$ 64.95