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EVO 2022 Exclusive - Available at our Booth at EVO 2022 First

Limited Online Release Pre-order:  We have these in stock, but will release this first at our booth at EVO 2022.  All online orders will ship around August 15, 2022, so please make note of this

Seimitsu's LS-32 series, particularly the -01 (no shaft cover) remains their best selling and most reliable joystick.  Used widely in Japanese candy cabs  such as the Astro City, the LS-32-01 performs well for both 2D fighters and shmups.  To this day, this remains one of our favorite sticks to use on a daily basis

For the live return of EVO 2022, we wanted to do something special and bring the first officially licensed EVO joystick to the market.  With this EVO x Seimitsu Special Edition LS-32-01-EVO, a custom New MS mounting plate, baby blue shaft and Seimitsu silver foiled logo balltop was created


  • Officially Licensed by EVO
  • Limited One Time Production
  • Seimitsu x EVO LS-32-01 Joystick
  • Custom Seimitsu x EVO New MS Plate
  • Custom Painted Baby Blue Shaft
  • Custom Seimitsu Silver Foil Logo Balltop
  • Replacement Springs x 2 (0.25kgf, 0.9kgf) in addition to stock spring
  • Round Sub-Gate
  • Square Main-Gate
  • Custom Seimitsu x AS Box

Quick Link:

$ 59.95