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SEIMITSU PS-14-DN-K Clear Pushbutton [24mm - Screw On]

This is the clear pushbutton that is competitive to Sanwa Denshi's OBSC24 series.  The size of this is used for normal start and select in most fight sticks, including Hori, QanBa and Mad Catz.  These are the smaller versions of the PS-14-KN pushbutton (play buttons).  Those who use Hit Boxes use the smaller 24mm pushbuttons of this size for their main play buttons and use the larger 30mm (PS-14-KN) for their start / select

Make note of the size that you are purchasing as this can be confusing


  • Screw on type (24mm Size)
  • Will fit most commercial sticks for the Start / Select pushbutton
  • Great for Custom Made sticks with varying control panel depth
  • Clear Top that will allow custom art insertion 
  • Available in 9 Clear Colors

$ 2.95