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SECURE USB-C Connector Kit

Adding to our line-up of secure USB connector kits, welcome the USB-C Type

Neutrik Mounting Standard

For those who already use an existing Neutrik NAUSB adapter kit, our Aviator body, gasket and hole matches that of the Neutrik, so swapping to this is easy

Single Piece Heavy Duty Construction

Like the Neutirk housing, this consists of one plate, not two.  The purpose is simple.  To keep the connector in a fixed position, preventing the cable from rotating

Easy Install

D-size mount, compatible with the Neutrik USB adapters. The mounting plate is made from single piece with the usb cable wires soldered directly onto the aviator connector.   No fumbling of multiple parts and most importantly, the aviator connector is fixed, so there's no accidental rotation (spinning) of the USB cable when attached

Kit Contents

  • Mounting Plate with USB-C Type Female Connector
  • Soldered USB Type B Male (Connect to PCB of your choice)
  • Removable Gasket (in black) - interchangeable with Neutrik Gaskets
  • 2 Screws
  • 2 Nuts
  • Length of cable from plate to end of USB B (internal) 11" (inches)

We offer the optional screw-on type USB-C cable, however, any USB-C Type cable will work with this


$ 15.95