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SANWA DENSHI JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK Silent Joystick -High Tension (2017 Model)

Sanwa Denshi has been collecting quite a bit of data ever since they released their first generation silent stick, which is has since been discontinued by Sanwa Denshi. 

A year later, Sanwa Denshi unveiled it's second generation model which made improvements by adding the standard 5-pin connector, refined switches and refined gate.  This provided a more accurate and quieter silent stick.   Thus far, the 2nd Gen has been widely accepted by most, but it lacked one thing for some other 

Enter in the 3rd generation silent stick from Sanwa Denshi.  From the feedback from certain pro players, what the 2nd generation lacked was the feel from the switches as the 2nd gen variant was too smooth or quiet with no clicking response. 

The main change in the 3rd generation is the spring in the switches, with increased tension to provide the feedback that some of the pro players on tour required.  The spring, gate and overall physical characteristics are identical compared to the 2nd generation outside of this.


Sanwa Denshi notes that this stick is very sensitive in terms of how their microswitches are assembled onto the pcb and does not cover issues if the stick has been disassembled in anyway as it can damage it (either from the top mounting plate or removing the octogate).

There is a sticker on the gate and pcb which is written in Japanese that warns the user not to remove the gate as this can damage the switches underneath.  If this sticker is removed, your the warranty is voided, no exceptions.  There will be no refunds, exchanges or returns in cases like this.

More importantly, do NOT install a octogate with this silent stick.  It's not made for it and can damage the switches.  This is a warning direct from Sanwa Denshi

What's Included

  • 3rd Generation Silent Joystick (D2RV-G-SD3 Microswitches)
  • Choose between White or Black Balltop (LB-35)
  • Black Dust and Shaft Cover (JLF-CD)

Check out David Thacker's Video Review of this stick versus the normal JLF joystick from Sanwa Denshi:

Quick Link:

Sanwa Denshi 3rd Gen Silent Stick vs Sanwa Denshi Normal JLF Joystick



$ 59.95