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Compatible with both the JLF and JLX series joysticks

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Sanwa Denshi today is the most well known and used joystick and pushbutton manufacturer, which are found in most commercial arcade controllers on the market.  Up until this point, Sanwa Denshi focused on mainly joystick and pushbutton builds, with some accessories that will allow the user to do some basic modifications

Custom Modding Evolved

Over the years, the custom or modding market for arcade controllers have evolved.  A few years ago, OTTO DIY offered their V2 and V5 modding kits which focused on swapping out some main parts for the Sanwa Denshi JLF joystick, which improved both the performance and feel

A New Category

Given Sanwa Denshi has the highest level joystick distribution and usage, it is a natural progression for them to made accessories to complement them.  Sanwa Denshi themselves did admit that it's not a normal category they would normally make products for, but as the market evolves, this is a welcome product that we feel would benefit everyone

What's Included

Replacement Springs (Tension) - The stock spring is rated at 1 lb

  • Purple Spring (1.5)
  • Blue Spring (1.5)
  • Yellow Spring (2)
  • Red Spring (2)

Replacement Actuators (Size) - The stock actuator is 15.8 mm

  • Black (Stock JLF Actuator)
  • Blue (16.45)
  • Red (16.7)
  • White (Shown - but not included)

Restrictor Gates (Shape) - The stock gate is square

  • Full Body and Inner Standard 4/8 Square
  • Violet (Round)
  • Yellow (Octagonal)
  • Red (Notched Square)
  • Blue (Kai II)

This kit does NOT include a joystick as shown in the image.

Product images are courtesy of Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd.

JLF Pro Modding Kit Logo and Translated description guide by @hibachifinal and owned by ARCADESHOCK (please do not reuse)

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