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Sanwa Denshi's JLF series joystick has been the joystick of choice among the majority of arcade stick users for the past few decades and has continued to perform even better the past few years

Otto DIY, a relatively new company to the FGC scene was discovered by our graphic designer, Hibachifinal

Otto DIY specializes in upgrading individual parts of the joystick to increase performance by minimizing friction (with the use of Teflon), therefore providing smoother motions and more accurate output

Up to this point, we've only offered the Otto DIY products as a kit, which you would mod yourself.  We understand there are some users out there that are too busy or simply do not want to modify this, therefore, for the first time, we're offering pre-modded Sanwa Denshi + Otto DIY modded joysticks

Choose Your Style

  • Otto V1 - Anomalous Roller (Pivot) - If you prefer a very short throw, here you go.  You can invert the pivot to achieve two types of feedback.  With the pivot tapered downward, expect a faster return to center.  With the pivot tapered upwards, expect a "bouncier" feedback and a shorter throw
  • Otto V2 - This simulates the feel of a Korean Lever
  • Otto V5 - Improved components to the Sanwa Denshi JLF stock parts.  Basically it will still give you the feel of a Japanese JLF lever, but with smoother more accurate motions

What's Included

  • Sanwa Denshi JLF Joystick + Otto DIY Kit Pre-Assembled (choose either V2 or V5)
  • Accessories Remaining from the V2 or V5 kit that are remaining

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$ 61.95