Sanwa Denshi [24mm] HALF CLEAR Pushbutton [ OBSC24 / HALF CLEAR WHITE ]

Sanwa is at it again and this time, these buttons are the half-clear versions, where the outer shell/casing is clear, while the button color is solid. The finish on the colors aren't particularly the same exact colors as their solid button color counterparts, but have more of a 'bling' to them. These are snap-on buttons that are the latest one the market and why we love Sanwa so much is simply for their performance.

So now you can not only perform your best, but also deck out your gear to match. Stunning and clean design, brought to you by the best push button company we've experienced, Sanwa.

Note that you are purchasing the 24mm version here, which are the smaller buttons, normally used for START/HOME buttons.

$ 3.70

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