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SANWA DENSHI GT-Y OCTAGONAL Restrictor Plate [ Octogate ] Gate

This gate gives you a more fluid motion that simulates a circular gate.  Very helpful and useful for those who are accustomed to the American sticks and those who have JP sticks into Marvel vs. Capcom 2 due to the timing issues of circular moves. 

This gate is fully compatible with all of our HRAP sticks from Hori as well as our QanBa Q2 and Q4 sticks that uses Sanwa Denshi JLF joysticks (not Seimitsu / SE parts). 

Image Accuracy:  The photo shows solid white color in appearance, but is actually clear in those areas.  For those who care about cosmetics, please make note of this.  The solid image is due to the flash use to take the image of the product.

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$ 5.49

$ 4.75