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SANWA DENSHI [24mm] SOLID COLOR SCREW-ON Pushbutton OBSN24-XX Exclusive Colors for OBSN24




Grey Violet

Added colors that we just have to have, Black, Pink and White.  The OBSN series was originally purposed for the arcade industry with the 24mm sized buttons used for the 1 or 2p start buttons.  These were generally colorful in nature to match the cosmetics of the Japanese cabinets

With the growth and demand of 24mm pushbuttons in today's market for use with all-button layouts, we have been asking Sanwa Denshi to make these colors for us for quite some time and it's almost here

These Sanwa Denshi screw-on are ideal for control panels that are thick, such as custom mdf or wooden cases

The colors here are the only ones that Sanwa Denshi has produced, just in case you're wondering

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$ 2.45