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Replacement Lever Shafts for FUJIN LEVER III [CHOOSE TYPE]

In accordance with our vendor agreement, this item is excluded from any type of promotional discount

If you are looking for a high quality Korean lever shaft/bat top combo, the Fujin Lever III shafts are now available separately.

The shafts are available in the original 7.8mm model and the 7mm variant and are mainly designed to serve as replacement parts.

It can also work on certain Korean levers. Depending on shaft model and lever it’s installed on, throw distance from neutral position to the edge of the collar will be affected. If you are looking for a smaller throw for the Knee Lever (original shaft is 7.25), you might like the 7.8mm shaft. The same 7.8mm shaft, along with the 7mm shaft, can create a larger throw on both Taeyoung Fanta Levers.

NOTE: These shafts are not designed to work on Crown levers. The bat top cannot be removed from the shaft.

$ 10.95