Razer Panthera Clear Plexi and EX Underprint Panels

Note:  We will offer our Layers Lux (Custom Artwork Print on a special material that you can place underneath a clear plexi) - Date TBD. You will be able to upload your file for us to print and we'll do the rest.  We assure you that we spent a lot of time making sure the print quality is second to none using the industry top rated HP Latex printers on a high quality "plastic"

Razer's Panthera (OG model) has been one of our favorite arcade sticks as well as our modding team's for quite some time.  The Panthera is easy to swap out parts and is very customizable for all aspects, the PCB as well as swapping out the top panel.

We recently released the High Grade Aluminum (HGA) panels which has become one of our most popular products in our store.  This has led to many requests to produce clear plexi's for the same layouts as the HGA panels, which are the Vewlix, the Noir (JP), Noir (KR) and the All Button, which will allow each user to produce their own custom art to place underneath (we will have an in-house solution for custom artwork under plexi in the upcoming months where you can order from)

BEFORE YOU CHOOSE READ THIS:  If you did not previously purchase one of our other kits that included the bottom support metal panel for either the All Button or NOIR layouts, you must add this along with the plexi, otherwise, it will NOT work.  For the All Button layout, you will also need to add the SOCD Cleaner Kit

Installation Guide PDF (How to remove the stock panel and installing ours)


What's unique about our plexi?

  • We use a high quality material - This is more scratch resistant than the plexi's that are found in the US
  • Ours is measured in metric.  Why is this important?  The original Razer Panthera panel is measured in the same way, which means the fit height-wise with our panel perfect.  There are no gaps or issues with it being too tall (protruding out)
  • Our panel uses five (not four screws to secure it down).  There are four screws on each corner and one in the middle top of the panel.  This key fifth screw prevents the panel from lifting which can capture dust in between the panel over time and aesthetically looks better

Choose your Layout

  • VEWLIX (Stock)
  • NOIR JP24 (Choose this if your joystick collar is the 'low' type and does not have the collar raised out from the panel)
  • NOIR KR35 (Choose this if your joystick requires a 35mm cutout and the neck is raised above the panel)
  • ALL BUTTON - The standardized stickless option (requires 11 - 24mm and 1 - 30mm pushbutton)



Not your typical print

  • Professionally printed and applied under the plexi (underprint)
  • The result: Crisp graphics that looks like it came direct from the factory
  • No possibility of dust getting in between the plexi and artwork
  • These are stunning once you see them
  • Will include 5 Pan Screws (you must use these with the plexi - Do NOT use the stock screws that come with your Panthera)

Choose your EX Artwork

  • Astro City (VEWLIX)
  • Astro City Mono (VEWLIX)
  • Astro City (NOIR JP24)
  • Astro City Mono (NOIR JP24)
  • Astro City (All Button)
  • Astro City Mono (All Button)

 Quick Link: https://tinyurl.com/RZRPANPLEXIS


$ 20.00

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