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Quick Connect 20-pin Harness for Fight Sticks [ CAU ] Edition

Note: This version is made specifically to use with Sanwa Denshi's CAU type microswitch

Special thanks to Eric Wiley for suggesting this and making the prototype version for us

One of our goals is not only to make your modding projects simpler, but also faster, allowing you more time to work on more time intensive tasks 

The Brook UFB was the start of easing the learning curve to stick modding to add multiple system compatibility to the current stock ones.  The typical connectivity was to take each existing wire and connect them directly to the terminal block, which isn't difficult by any means, but it is time consuming, compared to what this harness will offer (especially for fresh stick mods)

This has a 20-pin connector on one side (which connects to a 20-pin on the Brook UFB - basically you plug it in and that's it.  No more individual wires going from the terminal block.  This is super clean and easy  

This branches out to the pushbutton (2 sets of 4 button harnesses) and a 3-pin for control.  5-pin JST connector (works with Sanwa Denshi JLF, Hori Hayabusa and Seimitsu joysticks)

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$ 12.95