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QANBA SOLID Dust and Shaft Cover

NOTE:  Some of the colors may vary as this is common during the production stage from the manufacturer.  This is mostly in the red color as some are darker than others.  If you're purchasing more than one unit and need it to absolutely match (it's very close, unless you're very particular - we recommend emailing us beforehand with your concerns as when we sort it's from a large batch and will not necessarily go through all of them to match the colors exactly).  Sorry, we don't have a large team to do this, so email us a ahead of time if you really need it to be perfect 

These shaft and dust covers fits Sanwa Denshi's JLF series joysticks perfectly as well as QanBa's branded joysticks.   Please note that these do not fit Seimitsu's line of joysticks.

$ 1.95