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While the Q8 is PC based only, we're adding the Brook Wingman FGC to enable PS4/5 capability as a bonus.   Only a few of these will be offered, so don't miss out and look at that price?!!

The Q8 RAF was a surprising release from Qanba.  This controller is catered more towards the Asian market where PC use is the majority, therefore, these are imported for sale here in the states

At first glance, the Q8 seems like your average controller in terms of weight and durability.  The speculation ends there once you physically take hold of this.  The construction is not your typical plastic you'd find in the majority of controllers out there.  The finish has a matte and rubbery feel to it, but very, very solid nonetheless.  The weight at 8.3 lbs is surprising as well as we first thought it would align with other controllers in it's class. We would say the Q8 has a very good balance of weight, not too heavy (like their Qanba Dragon) and not too light, like the Drone.  This controller is slightly heavier than their Obsidian or Pearl, which we're good with for better stability for those heavy handed players

New Technology Applied

Over the past few years, Qanba has been improving their button game, most notably with the Qanba Gravity series.  For the Q8, they added the second generation Gravity called the KS line, which is a snap-in low profile pushbutton.  However, they went a step further and activated the RGB LED sensor that is part of every Omron switch used in the Gravity series.  To do this, they developed a custom RGB LED pcb controller that allows you to toggle between colors (via roller wheel) with different pattern and led interval settings

Wanna Play on Other Systems?

The simplest method is to purchase a Brook Super Converter or more currently, Wingman converter for the system of your choice.  We have added these as recommendations and have already tested them to work (for the Wingman series).  This will also retain the RGB features on the pushbutton

In the next few weeks, we'll have our modders do a PCB swap to gauge the level of difficulty and to see if the RGB LED functionality can stay intact, so we'll update this page once they able to get to it

Key Features

  • PC Based Controller
  • Buttons - Qanba Gravity RGB LED Button (for the Q8-GR)
  • Lever - Qanba Gravity Silent with Omron Linear Silent Switch
  • Weight - 8.3 lbs


$ 254.98

$ 244.98