Qanba Q4 RAF Replacement Plexiglass Top Panel

This plexiglass panel overlay is a Qanba original from the manufacturer direct.  This replaces the original overlay that comes with the joystick to allow you to customize whatever artwork you please. 
The plexi is cut to the exact stick specifications for the perfect fit.  You can download the artwork template to start creating that sick artwork. 

DOWNLOAD the template here:  2shared - download Q4-t2.jpg

We will ship this plexi in a special packaging that was specifically made to house this piece for protection during shipment.
**NOTE**  You will need to do some sanding to make it fit properly as the plexi was not cut exactly to the size of the surface area.  This came direct from the Qanba factory. 
*Please do keep in mind that to the manufacturer's guidelines, any modification of the stick, removing or repairing the stick on your own voids their warranty.  Unfortunately, we have to implement this policy to comply with the manufacturer's rules.

$ 11.99