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Blue, Pink and Red Side Panel and Front Metal Trim Kit available in limited quantities for the first batch.  The second batch will be arriving mid-July 2022

Just added:  Silver Replacement Panel (Identical to the stock units found on the Obsidian / Pearl)

By the numbers, the Qanba Obsidian and Pearl as PS3/4/5 arcade controllers remains one of the more if not most popular among fighting stick users.   With this in mind, we've developed many products internally and with our partners that allows modding from the inside out

The stock Obsidian features mostly a black theme and a Vewlix button layout, while the Pearl a white theme with a Noir button layout.  Both versions, however, share some common parts, mainly the side panel and front control panel lip, which are both finished in silver, which provided a nice contrast and gave it a unique look

Call us conservative, but we've always wanted to have the option to mod these controllers to make them completely black or white.  For years, we've considered doing this and the time has come to complete the look

See the pics below for the matte black or white side panels with the front metal lip

What's Included

  • Painted in matte black or white.  For silver, it's the identical stock version
  • Matching left and right replacement side panels
  • Front replacement metal trim
  • Rubber pad installed on bottom
  • Stock LED included with all stock wiring (plug and play)
  • To install, you will use existing screws from your controller

Quick Link:

Installation Video

Note: These have been painted to achieve the desired color and finish, therefore adding an additional layer onto it.  This does not affect the side panels for installation, however, for the front metal trim, this added layer will cause a slight increase in height so it will not be completely flush.  Please note this before making the purchase.  As per our policy with products that are modded, there are no refunds or exchanges


$ 39.95